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Targeted Roles & Tasks

Learn more about what you can do to minimize environmental impacts from meetings:

Meeting Planner

Find tips, tools, and resources to make planning environmentally responsible meetings easy. Exit Disclaimer

Meeting Service Supplier

Meeting service suppliers provide any of the following services related to meetings:

Tips and case studies to help in making meetings and events more sustainable can be found at the Green Meetings Council's Best Practices web site. Exit Disclaimer

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Meeting Host

As the one ultimately responsible for calling for and/or funding a meeting, you are likely to act as a major decision maker over certain large aspects of the meeting, including whether a meeting is planned with sustainability principles in mind or not. Whether you instruct or coordinate with internal meeting planners or you contract out to external meeting planners, makes a difference in your strategy and how you choose to proceed.

Internal Meeting Planners - Here you may point your meeting planners in the direction of the Green Meeting Industry Council web site Exit Disclaimer and encourage or instruct them to make use of the resources and community contained therein while engaging in the planning process. Depending on your position in your organization, you may have to seek senior management support to go beyond encouraging the consideration of the environment in the planning of the meeting. An internal Meeting Green Policy (or "Sustainable Event Policy") could be sought to make your organization's commitment to green meetings more official.

External Meeting Planners - Here you are likely to be contracting with an individual or company external to your own through some sort of contract agreement. The final contract agreement signed between your organization and that of the meeting planners, can include environmental performance ("sustainability") language requiring or giving preference to any and all attempts to green the meeting.

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Meeting Attendee

Many people may think or assume that the only ones who can green a meeting are those responsible for a meeting as a meeting host is, or those responsible for planning the meeting or supplying any of its services. However, this isn't the case and there are plenty of things someone who attends meetings as a speaker or participant can do to promote and expand the benefits of more sustainable meetings.

By keeping the concept and content of green meetings in mind when you attend, plan or support a meeting, you can help these green practices become second nature!

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