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General Information Gathering Authority

TSCA Section 8(a)

40 CFR Part 712

TSCA Section 8(a) gives EPA the broad authority to require, by rulemaking, manufacturers (includes importers) and processors of chemical substances to maintain records and/or report such data as EPA may reasonably require to carry out the TSCA mandates.

Examples of information that can be required to be reported include:

Section 8(a) regulations can be tailored to meet unique information needs (e.g., via chemical-specific rules) or information can be obtained via use of "model" or standardized reporting rules. One example of a model TSCA Section 8(a) reporting rule is the "Preliminary Assessment Information Rule" (or PAIR).

Under PAIR, producers and importers of a listed chemical are required to report the following site-specific information on a two page form:

Exemptions for such reporting are as follows:

Companies whose total annual sales from all sites owned by the domestic or foreign parent company are below $30 million for the reporting period and who produced or imported less than 45,400 kilograms of the chemical

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