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I. Introduction

II.  Responsibilities

III. Access

IV. Document Management

V.  Violations

Welcome!Welcome to the CBI Training Course!

Every year, hundreds of chemical manufacturers across the country submit materials to the Environemental Protection Agency (EPA) in order to comply with the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA).  Much of this information, including how a specific chemical is produced and used, can be claimed as Confidential Business Information (CBI).  In order to ensure the success of TSCA, EPA must build trust with the regulated community by safeguarding the information entrusted to the Agency.

The loss or disclosure of industry-submitted TSCA CBI data impacts the competitive position of a firm and can even cause substantial harm or loss.  This negatively impacts the working relationship EPA has developed with industry and makes it difficult to carry out the Agency's core mission of pollution prevention and protection.

As a part of our function in EPA, many of us will handle and/or use TSCA CBI.  Anyone who uses TSCA CBI must obtain clearance to do so every year. Part of that clearance process includes training in the proper use and handling of CBI.  This course will serve as your yearly obligatory CBI training and will cover the following subjects:

The course is completely computer driven and should take you no more than 20-25 minutes to complete.

Of course, no short course can give you a comprehensive answer to all questions concerning TSCA CBI. More information can be found in the TSCA CBI Protection Manual and from your Document Control Officer (DCO).