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I. Introduction

II.  Responsibilities

III. Access

IV. Document Management

V.  Violations

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Finding Your Way Through This Course:

The course consists of four subject areas. Each of these subject areas can be seen on the "bar" to the left. You can always tell where you are based on which subject is highlighted in yellow. For example, you are now in the "Introduction" section of the course, so that is highlighted to the left. The course is constructed so that you can take it in one sitting and in sequential order.

Course Certification:

You only have to do two things to get certified (or re-certified).  For first time certification, you need to completeCertificate  this course, and completely fill out the TSCA CBI Access Form (7740-6) to start the clearance process.   For recertification, complete this course and completely fill out the Document Reconciliation Certification (form 7740-28).

Turn in either certification form to your DCO, and be sure to attach a copy of a printout which lists any TSCA CBI documents you have in your possession. (At HQ the printout should be obtained from the Confidential Business Information Center (CBIC)).

Ready? Let's go....