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Guidance Materials for PMN Submitters

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Index of all TSCA Section 5 Federal Register Publications since January 1995

Approaches to Nanotechnology under the Toxic Substances Control Act

Premanufacture Notification Exemption for Polymers; Amendment of Polymer Exemption Rule to Exclude Certain Perfluorinated Polymers; Final Rule was published in the Federal Register on January 27, 2010 (75 FR 4295). [HTML or PDF (11 pp, 91K)]

Polymer Exemption Guidance Manual (PDF) (54 pp, 556K)

The PMN Instruction Manual (PDF) (51 pp, 1.4MB)

Revised instructions regarding TS-number duplication

TSCA Inventory, 1985 Edition, Appendix B: "Generic Names for Confidential Chemical Substance Identities" (PDF) (4 pp, 477K)

Chemistry Assistance Manual for Premanufacture Notification Submitters.

New Chemical Information Bulletin: Exemptions for Research and Development and Test Marketing (PDF) (12 pp, 819K)

Certain Chemical Substances Containing Varying Carbon Chain Lengths (Alkyl Ranges Using the Cx-y Notation)

Combinations of Two or More Substances: Complex Reaction Products

Products Containing Two or More Substances, Formulated and Statutory Mixtures

Chemical Substances of Unknown or Variable Composition, Complex Reaction Products and Biological Materials (UVCB Substance)

Draft version of the "Questions and Answers Document for the New Chemicals Program"; which is under development (PDF) (117 pp, 2.3MB) [Read new instructions for sending user fees!]


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