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Small Business P2 Resources - EPA Region 3


Regional Programs
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This page provides links to non-EPA web sites that provide additional information about local resources. Providing links to a non-EPA Web site is not an endorsement of the other site or the information it contains by EPA or any of its employees. (see exit EPA)


EPA Region 3, Pollution Prevention Program
Services: Regional Sustainability Partnership Programs initiative, outreach and recognition support.

US EPA Region 3
1650 Arch Street (3LC40)
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Web site: www.epa.gov/reg3wcmd/p2/

Contact: Mindy Lemione
E-mail: lemione.mindy@epa.gov
Fax: 215-814-3114
Phone: 215-814-2736

Contact: Mindee Osno
E-mail: osno.mindee@egpa.gov
Phone: 215-814-2074

EPA Region 3, Business Assistance Center
Services: Technical assistance, technology development, and small-business liaison and assistance.

Contact: Dave Byro
Phone: 215-814-5563 or 800-228-8711
Web Site: www.epa.gov/region3/sbac

Environmental Sustainability Resource Center (ESRC)
Services: The Environmental Sustainability Resource Center (ESRC) provides pollution prevention technical support to the states in EPA Regions 3 and 4. ESRC is a member of the P2Rx network of regional centers.

Kentucky Pollution Prevention Center
University of Louisville
Louisville, Kentucky 40292

Phone: 502-852-0965
FAX: 502-852-0964
E-Mail: info@esrconline.org
Web Site: esrconline.org/

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Delaware Pollution Prevention Program, Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control
Services: Provides P2 guides for specific industry sectors, and P2 success stories.

PO Box 1401
89 Kings Highway
Dover, DE 19903
Contact: Phil Cherry
Phone: 302-739-4403 (for P2), 302 739-6400 (for business assistance)
Web site: www.dnrec.delaware.gov/p2/Pages/default.aspx

Delaware Business and Community Services, Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control

Services: Provides on-site assessments, permitting assistance, and guides and manuals.

Phone: 302-739-6400
Web site: www.dnrec.state.de.us/dnrec2000/Admin/BusServ/BPSOff.htm

Delaware Small Business Development Center

Phone: 302-831-0782
Services: Provides financial assistance.
Email: info@delawaresbdc.org
Web site: delawaresbdc.org/

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District Of Columbia

DC Department of Health
51 N Street, NE, 5th Floor
Washington, DC 20002-3323
Contact: Olivia Achuko
Phone: 202-535-2997
Email: noa@mail.environ.state.dc.us
Web site: doh.dc.gov/

DC Department of Environmental Programs, Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (MWCOG)

777 North Capitol Street, NE, Suite 300
Washington, DC 20002-4239
Web site: www.mwcog.org/environment/

DC Department of the Environment
Services: Provides technical assistance and publications.

Phone: 202-645-6080, Ext. 3079
Web site: http://green.dc.gov

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Maryland Department of the Environment, Pollution Prevention

1800 Washington Blvd
Baltimore, MD 21230
Contact: Laura Armstrong
Phone: 410-537-4119
Web site: www.mde.maryland.gov/programs/BusinessInfoCenter/Greening%20Your%20Business%20Facility/Pages/BusinessInfoCenter/PollutionPrevention/

Maryland Center for Environmental Training
Services: Provides technical assistance, training.

Phone: 301-934-7500
Email: info@mcet.org
Web site: www.mcet.org

Maryland Technology Extension Service

University of Maryland
410 W. Lombard Street, Suite A
Baltimore, MD 21201

Contact: Paul Gietka
Phone: 301-405-8593
Email: pg26@umail.umd.edu
Web site: www.mtes.org

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PA Pollution Prevention & Energy Efficiency, Department of Environmental Protection
Services: Supports partnerships and provides workshops, financial assistance, and one-on-one consultation.

PO Box 8772
Harrisburg, PA 17105-8772
Contact: Eric Thumma
Phone: 717-783-0542
Web site: http://www.depweb.state.pa.us/portal/server.pt/community/energy/6001

PA Small Business Development Center
Services: Provides technical and financial assistance and provides information on energy conservation and waste reduction.

Phone: 215-898-1219
Email: pasbdc@wharton.upenn.edu
Web site: www.pasbdc.org

PA Pollution Prevention/Energy Efficiency Site Visits, Department of Environmental Protection
Services: Provides grants to fund P2 and energy efficiency assessments.

Phone: 717-772-5834
Web site: www.dep.state.pa.us/dep/deputate/pollprev/SiteVisit/SiteVisit.html

PA Small Business Assistance Program - ENVIROHELP
Services: Provides technical assistance and training, conducts site visits, and issues publications.

Phone: 800-722-4743 or 717-787-7019
Web site: www.dep.state.pa.us/dep/deputate/airwaste/aq/small_business/small_business.htm

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VA Office of Pollution Prevention, Department of Environmental Quality
Services: Provides technical assistance and information.

PO Box 10009
Richmond, VA 23240
Contact: Sharon Baxter
Phone: 804-698-4344
Email: sharon.baxter@deq.state.va.us
Web site: www.deq.state.va.us/Programs/PollutionPrevention.aspx

VA Small Business Assistance Program, Department of Environmental Quality

Phone: 804-698-4284 or 800-592-5482
Web site: www.deq.virginia.gov/Programs/Air/SmallBusinessAssistance.aspx

VA Small Business Development Centers
Services: Provides financial assistance.

Contact: R. Wilburn
Phone: 804-371-8251
Email: rwilburn@dba.state.va.us
Web site: www.virginiasbdc.org/

Genedge Alliance
Services: Provides training and waste reduction assessments for small-mid-sized manufacturers.

Northern, Southside, Southwestern VA
Phone: 276-732-4220
Central and Eastern VA
Phone: 804-323-2226 (Ext 228)

Web site: www.genedge.org

Manufacturing Technology Center at Wytheville Community College
Services: Provides waste reduction and sustainability assessments for small-mid-sized manufacturers.

Phone: 276-223-4858 or 800-468-1195 (Ext 4799)
Web site: www.mtcofswva.org

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West Virginia Small Business Development Center
Services: Provides one-on-one consulting, financial assistance, and workshops.

Phone: 304-558-2960 or 888-982-7232
Web site: www.sbdcwv.org/

Business for West Virginia
Services: Offers online resources and contact information.

Web site: www.business4wv.com/

Business Assistance - West Virginia Development Office

Phone: 800-982-3386
Web site: www.wvdo.org/business/

West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection
Services: Provides sustainability, and P2 assistance.

Contact: Gregory E. Adolfson, Sustainability Officer
Phone: 866-568-6649, Ext. 1332
Web site: www.dep.wv.gov/sustainablewv/Pages/default.aspx

West Virginia Manufacturing Extension Partnership
Services: Provides waste reduction and sustainability assessments as well as training opportunities for manufacturers.

Phone: 304-293-3800 and 800-637-4634
Email: info@wvmep.com
Web site: www.wvmep.com/

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