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Note: EPA no longer updates this information, but it may be useful as a reference or resource.

Although this particular investigative initiative involving 12 specific PBT Chemicals is no longer active, EPA is actively addressing PBT chemicals across the Agency through various programs and projects.


The EPA is forging a new approach to reduce risks from and exposures to priority PBT chemicals through increased coordination among EPA national and regional programs. This PBT chemicals program has been established to overcome the remaining challenges in addressing priority PBT pollutants. EPA is committing, through this program, to create an enduring cross-office system that will address the cross-media issues associated with priority PBT pollutants.

Linking to the menu choices will show you the following information on this site:

About PBTs: What is a PBT chemical and why do they attract special attention? Look here for background information, a factsheet, and frequently asked questions about PBTs. Also find the Annual PBT Chemicals Program Accomplishments Report.

PBT Strategy: Review EPA's multimedia agency-wide strategy for addressing PBT chemicals.

PBT Action Plans: Review EPA's national action plans for the priority PBT chemicals.

Priority PBT Profiles: Find here the list of priority PBT chemicals for which the Agency is developing national action plans. As chemicals are added to this priority list, they can be found here. Each chemical also has a short chemical profile.

PBTs and You: Here you will find information or links to resource material that may contain information about PBTs in your state or community.

Resources: Here you will find links to other PBT-related activities ongoing within EPA and in the states. Also find a list of PBT-related technical meetings and symposia as well as a listing of state and federal PBT Chemicals Program representatives.



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