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Case Studies and Articles

A number of companies participating in Sustainable Futures have conducted case studies in the application of the SF / P2 Framework methods, including the PBT Profiler. These case studies include:

Other participants have evaluated the predictive capability of the SF / P2 Framework methods, including:

In addition, articles have appeared in the trade press which present industry perspectives on Sustainable Futures, including:

US/OECD Minimum Pre-Market Data/Structure Activity Relationships Study

In October 1989 the OECD organized a workshop on the notification schemes of member countries. From the information presented at the workshop, it was apparent the majority of members used schemes based on the principle of the minimum pre-market data set (MPD) although the content of the MPD would vary. One exception was the United States where the notification scheme under the U.S. Toxic Substances Control Act did not include requirements for a MPD. The U.S. EPA instead relied heavily on (Quantiative) Structure Activity Relationship (QSAR) models. One of the recommendations from the workshop was to evaluate the predictive power of the QSARs used by EPA. The recommendations were a starting point for the collaborative effort between the European Community and the United States regarding use of QSAR, which is described in the report below.

Sustainable Futures / P2 Framework Manual

Extensive information on the Sustainable Futures / P2 Framework methods is available in the Sustainable Futures / P2 Framework Manual. The manual has been updated to include most of the training materials that are currently available. Included in the updated manual is the Sustainable Futures Summary Assessment Worksheet for the sample chemical isodecyl acrylate (CAS RN 1330-61-6) and a Sustainable Futures PMN submission for isodecyl acrylate. Manual Citation: Sustainable Futures / Pollution Prevention (P2) Framework Manual, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, OCSPP, EPA-748-B12-001. Sept. 2012.

Because these PDFs are large files, each chapter can be downloaded separately. You may want to review the "Front & TOC.pdf" (10 pp, 92KB) file first to review the entire contents of the manual.

To download files from the manual you may click on the following link to the Sustainable Futures / P2 Framework Manual page.

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