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Analog Identification Methodology (AIM)

The Analog Identification Methodology (AIM) was designed to facilitate analog analysis and data identification in support of chemical assessment and read across approaches. AIM conducts a comprehensive structural analysis of a user entered chemical using over 700 individual atoms, groups and super fragments indexed in a predefined database. It then matches them to potential analogs from a built in inventory of over 86,000 chemicals with publicly available measured data and links to the data sources. AIM searches may also be tailored by the user to define what types of substitutions or exclusion rules are appropriate for the search.

Why Is AIM Important?

AIM was developed to address needs identified by participants in the Sustainable Futures Initiative (SF). Its goal is to help chemical developers predict potential hazards of untested chemicals. Those who have used the SF models often find identifying close analogs difficult. AIM was developed to identify close analogs that have measured data and it points to online sources where those data can be found.

Using the AIM Tool

Users should read the AIM User's Manual provided within the program to understand the proper use and limitations of AIM. The software program provides hyperlinks to experimental data sources and does not actually contain the data itself. EPA neither endorses these references nor makes any claims on the quality or accuracy of the data or information found in those data sources. AIM does not select the most appropriate analog but merely provides the user with a list of potential analog options. The user must apply professional judgement to determine the adequacy of any results from AIM.

AIM Download and Set-Up

Since the underlying AIM methodology underwent a formal beta test from 2006 2008 with the previous web-based version of the tool, EPA is not conducting another formal beta test of this software. The only major change to the tool was its conversion from a web application to a downloadable software program along with updates to the underlying databases and interface. No significant methodology changes were made.

This AIM tool simply includes new user friendly features and enhancements to the searching criteria over the previous web-based version decommissioned in early 2011. Users are strongly encouraged to provide comments to EPA on the ease of use and utility of the program along with any issues on installation. These comments will be collected over the next several months and will be incorporated in any future updates.

The new AIM software is available for free from the EPA Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics (OPPT). It is posted below as a downloadable software program and does not require a license for installation and use.

Download AIM (99.3 MB)

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