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FY 2015 Request for Applications (RFA) for the National Tribal Toxics Council (NTTC) Technical Support PDF. Proposals are due by June 15, 2015.

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Tribal Newsletter Summer 2011 coverpage

Don't miss the Summer 2011 edition of "Tribal News" (60 pp, 2.55 MB, About PDF) devoted to training and innovation. Featuring EPA's and other training resources, it's aimed at helping tribes enhance their program expertise, technical skills, knowledge base, and problem solving. It also highlights innovative environmental solutions to safeguarding public health and the environment.

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The Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics (OPPT) manages a Tribal program to better communicate our programs and activities with Native American Indian Tribes. Our goal is to build more effective partnerships with Tribes to safeguard and protect human health and the environment from toxic hazards and to promote pollution prevention in Indian country. Improving communication between EPA and Tribes is our main priority so that we can better exchange and coordinate information on issues facing Indian country.

As part of the Agency's priority to build strong tribal partnerships and expand the conversation on environmental justice, EPA established a National Tribal Toxics Committee (NTTC). NTTC gives tribes a forum for providing advice on the development of EPA’s chemical management and pollution prevention programs that affect tribes. Given the uniqueness of tribal cultures, communities and environmental problems, the goal of the forum is to help EPA better tailor and more efficiently address a variety of issues including:

The committee is aimed at increasing the already close collaboration and communication with federally recognized tribes and intertribal organizations on critical issues relating to chemical safety and pollution prevention that affect Native peoples.

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