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Q's & A's on EPA’s April 13,2010 Request for Proposals for the Tribal Council for Chemical Concerns and Pollution Prevention (TC3P2) Grant application process.

EPA announced April 13, 2010 a request for project proposals (RFP) for the FY 2010 Tribal Council for Chemical Concerns and Pollution Prevention (TC3P2) Program Administrator Grant Competition.

The purpose of this Web page is to provide information in a question and answer format on that proposal. This page will also post questions the Agency receives on the request with EPA’s response.

Also read about several other grant programs that EPA is overseeing for tribes and states which promote pollution prevention through source reduction and resource conservation.

Requests for proposals are also published on http://www.grants.gov/.

How many awards will be given, and what is the funding form?

EPA will make one award and funding will be in the form of a cooperative agreement under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), 15 U.S.C. Sections 2609 which authorizes the Administrator to issue grants or enter into cooperative agreements for research, development and monitoring.

How much will the award be and what is its timeframe?

The five year funding total expected for award under this announcement is approximately $500,000 – $750,000. The annual award expected is $100,000 – $150,000, subject to availability of funds and performance of recipient.

What is the specific purpose of the funding?

The cooperative agreement awarded under this program is intended to support a Program Administrator in forming the TC3P2 and to provide financial assistance to support TC3P2 activities intended to:

What process will the request for applications follow?

The request for applications is utilizing the full proposal solicitation process for this award, in accordance with EPA Order 5700.5A1 B, Policy for Competition in Assistance Agreements; EPA Order 5700.7-Environmental Results under EPA Assistance Agreement; and EPA Order 5700.8 B, EPA Policy on Assessing Capabilities of Non-Profit Applicants for Managing Assistance Awards.

This means that EPA staff will not meet with individual applicants to discuss draft applications, provide informal comments on draft applications, or provide advice to applicants on how to respond to ranking criteria.  EPA will respond to questions in writing from individual applicants and will post  responses on OPPT’s Tribal web site.

In addition, nonprofit applicants that are recommended for funding under this announcement will be subject to pre-award administrative capability reviews consistent with EPA’s Policy on Assessing Capabilities of Non-Profit Applicants for Managing Assistance Awards.

Who can I contact for information on the RFP?

Please contact Anna Kelso at 202-564-0645 or Irina Myers at 202-564-8822 if you have any questions regarding this solicitation.

If I want to include yearly budget detail over the course of the project, where should I include it?

You can include yearly budget break out under #8. Budget Detail in your Application Packet.



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