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TSCA Section 8(e) Substantial Risk Notifications and FYI Submissions Received December 2002

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8EHQ-1202-15238A (PDF) Diphenyliodonium trifluoromethanesulfonate 66003-76-7 N Confidential Results of an eye irritation study in rabbits resulting in 100% mortality
8EHQ-1202-15239A (PDF) Pigment Violet 3 1325-82-2 N N Roma Color, Inc. Final reports of acute toxicity studies in zebrafish and daphnia
Pigment Red 81 1224-98-5 N
Pigment Blue 1 1325-87-7 N
8EHQ-1202-15243A (PDF) Chemical *2 Confidential N Syngenta Crop Protection, Inc. Results of a 21-day oral toxicity study in dogs; 28-day dietary range finding toxicity studies in rats and mice
8EHQ-1202-15244A (PDF) 3-(C2-16 alkyl)-4-(C13-17 alkylidene)-2-oxetanone 68390-56-7 Y BASF Corporation Results of an oral gavage combined repeated dose toxicity study with a reproductive and developmental toxicity screening test in rats
8EHQ-1202-15245A (PDF) Chemical *2 None N Syngenta Crop Protection, Inc. Results of a 28-day dietary toxicity study in rats
8EHQ-1202-15246A (PDF) Carboxylic acids, C7-13, perfluoro, ammonium salts 726968-38-8 N Society of the Plastics Industry, Inc. Preliminary results of a 7-day range finding toxicity study by oral gavage in rats
8EHQ-1202-15247A (PDF) Poly(difluoro-methylene), alpha-fluoro-omega [2(phosphonooxy) ethyl]-, mono-ammonium salt 65530-71-4 N Dupont Haskell Laboratory Results of a one-generation reporductive and developmetnal toxicity study by oral gavage in rats with a mixture of 3 poly (difluoromethylene) chemicals (20% in water)
Poly(difluoro-methylene), alpha-fluoro-omega [2(phosphonooxy) ethyl]-, diammonium salt 65530-72-5 N
Poly(difluoromethylene), alpha, alpha’[phosphinicobis(oxy-2,1ethanediyl)bis [omegafluoro-], ammonium salt 65530-70-3 N
8EHQ-1202-15248A (PDF) Pyridinecarboxamide Confidential N Confidential Results of an in vivo erythrocyte micronucleus test in mice
8EHQ-1202-15249A (PDF) Nitrogen- and oxygen-containing heterocycle None N BASF Corporation Results of acute toxicity studies in algae
8EHQ-1202-15250A (PDF) Nitrogen- and oxygen-containing heterocycle None N BASF Corporation Results of acute toxicity studies in algae
8EHQ-1202-15251A (PDF) Nitrogen- and oxygen-containing heterocycle None N BASF Corporation Results of acute toxicity studies in algae and daphnia
8EHQ-1202-15253A (PDF) Chemical Confidential N Confidential Results and interpretation of an acute toxicity study in green algae
8EHQ-1202-00373AJ (PDF) Perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) 2795-39-3 N 3M Company Results of a dermal absorption study in rats
N-methyl-Nacetylperfluorooctane sulfonamide Unknown N
Perfluorohexanesulfonate 355-46-4 N
8EHQ-1202-14885C (PDF) Phenylacetic acid 103-82-2 N Lyondell Chemical Company Final report of a 3-day intraperitoneal cell proliferation study in mice
Phenylacetaldehyde 122-78-1 N
2-Phenylethyl alcohol 60-12-8 Y
Styrene 100-42-5 Y
1-Phenylethanol 98-85-1 Y
Acetophenone 98-86-2 Y
8EHQ-1202-15005C (PDF) Chemical Confidential   Confidential Final report of a combined prenatal and postnatal oral developmental toxicity study in rats
8EHQ-1202-15068B (PDF) Methyl t-butyl ether 1634-04-4 Y Equiva Services, LLC (PDF) Assessment of an inhalation developmental toxicity study in mice
Gasoline and MTBE vapor condensate None N
8EHQ-1202-15092B (PDF) Phenol, 2,6-bis(1methylpropyl)-4-[(4nitrophenyl)azo] 111850-24-9 N Rohm and Haas Company Release of confidentiality claim for previous submission, 8EHQ-030215092A (PDF)
8EHQ-1202-15110C (PDF) 1,1,1,2,2,4,5,5,5Nonafluoro-4(trifluoromethyl)-3pentanol 87383-00-4 N 3M Company Statement by EPA that submitter has withdrawn confidentiality claim for chemical name
8EHQ-1202-15175B (PDF) Carbomonocyclic ether, substituted Confidential N Confidential Final report of an intraperitoneal micronucleus test in mice and correction on chemical identity provided in initial submission
8EHQ-1202-15211B (PDF) SP 7077 Confidential   Confidential Response to EPA request for information on uses, exposure and risk management
8EHQ-1202-15227B (PDF) CT-747-02 None N Cytec Industries, Inc. Final reports of two intraperitoneal injection bone marrow micronucleus assays in mice
8EHQ-1202-15228B (PDF) Ethylbenzene 100-41-4 Y American Chemistry Council Results of an inhalation range-finding study in rats for a 2-generation reproductive toxicity study
FYI-1202-01437A (PDF) Carbon disulfide 75-15-0 Y American Chemistry Council Final report of a re-analysis of data from an epidemiology study of exposed workers
FYI-1202-01439A (PDF) Octamethylcyclotetrasiloxane 556-67-2 Y Dow Corning Corporation Final report of a 28-day inhalation toxicity study in rats
FYI-1202-01440A (PDF) Octamethylcyclotetrasiloxane 556-67-2 Y Dow Corning Corporation Final report of an oral gavage 14-day toxicity study in rats and guinea pigs
FYI-1202-01441A (PDF) Decamethylcyclopentasiloxane 541-02-6 Y Dow Corning Corporation Final report of a dermal absorption study in human volunteers
FYI-1202-01442A (PDF) Tertachlorodibenzodioxin 1746-01-6 N National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Pathology Working Group Report and Summary Pathology Tables of an oral gavage carcinogenicity and chronic toxicity study in rats
FYI-1202-01378AN (PDF) Fluorochemicals Multiple N 3M Company Final report of a biodegradation screening study and three final reports of analyses of fluorochemicals in human and monkey serum samples


8EHQ# - This is the EPA submission number that includes a 4-digit month and year followed by a 5-digit number assigned sequentially from the year 1977, followed by a sequence letter ( “A” for the initial submission and “B”, “C”, “D”, etc. for supplemental submissions) (8EHQ-MMYY-XXXXX A). Supplemental means that it is a follow-up to an earlier submitted report. Supplemental submissions reflect the month and year logged in but retain the same 5-digit sequential number as a link to the initial submission. 8EHQ number is a useful reference to request a copy of a submission.

FYI (For Your Information) submissions are the voluntary adjuncts of 8(e)s. The FYI# is similar to that for 8(e) described above (FYI-MMYY-XXXXX A). The submitter either judges that the information is not reportable under TSCA 8(e) reporting requirements or is not subject to TSCA 8(e) reporting but wants to share the information with EPA (and the public) on a voluntary basis.

NOTE that OPPT routinely sends follow-up requests to 8(e) submitters. Other EPA programs and other federal agencies can ask OPPT to request follow-up information as well.

CHEM Name - This is the name used by the submitter.

CAS No. - The Chemical Abstracts Service Number. Use of the term "CBI" indicates that the submitter is claiming the identity of the chemical to be confidential business information. This claim can be challenged in some cases, and users should notify EPA if they wish to pursue the chemical identity.

USHV - High production volume chemical in the U.S., including domestic manufacture and importation. EPA defines high production volume as annual production one million pounds or more pounds.

Description - A general description of the type of study or information submitted, but not study results. A PDF electronic copy of the submission is attached.

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