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TSCA Section 8(e) Substantial Risk Notifications and FYI Submissions Received March 2002

You will need Adobe Reader to view some of the files on this page. See EPA's PDF page to learn more.

8EHQ-0302-15091A (PDF) Invalid Submission       Invalid - will be renumbered as a supplement to 8(e) 00373
8EHQ-0302-15092A (PDF) Mortrace SB Concentrate Phenol, 2,6-bis(1methylpropyl)-4-[(4nitrophenyl)azo] Confidential 111850-24-9   Confidential Final report of a growth inhibition test in algae
8EHQ-0302-15093A (PDF) Anthranilamide Unknown N Confidential Results of an oral dietary 4-week toxicity study and a 15-day oral gavage toxicity study, both in rats
8EHQ-0302-15094A (PDF) Fluorochemical acrylate Confidential N 3M Company Results of a dermal sensitization study in guinea pigs
8EHQ-0302-15095A (PDF) Methacrylic anhydride 760-93-0 N Degussa Corporation Final report of a 4-hour acute inhalation toxicity study in rats
8EHQ-0302-15096A (PDF) Neodecaneperoxoic acid, 1,1-dimethyl-ethyl ester 26748-41-4 Y ATOFINA Chemicals, Inc. Final report of a 48-hour acute toxicity test in daphnia
8EHQ-0302-15097A (PDF) Triphenyl phosphite 101-02-0 Y General Electric Company Results of an oral gavage range-finding combined repeated dose toxicity study and reproductive/developmental toxicity screening test in rats
Phosphorus acid, cyclic neopentane-tetrayl diphenyl ester 144-35-4 Y
8EHQ-0302-15098A (PDF) 1-(4-phenylsulfanilphenyl)-octane-1,2-dione-2(O-benzoyl-oxime) 253585-83-0 N Ciba Specialty Chemicals North America Final report of a skin sensitization test in guinea pigs
8EHQ-0302-15099A (PDF) Dequest 2066 Deflocculant and Sequestrant 22042-96-2 N Solutia, Inc. Final report of a chromosomal aberration study in cultivated mammalian cells
8EHQ-0302-15100A (PDF) Ethanol 64-17-5 Y American Petroleum Institute 211(b) Research Group Preliminary results of a 13-week neurotoxicity inhalation study in rats
Gasoline 86290-81-5 N
8EHQ-0302-15101A (PDF) 1,3-Benzene-diamine,4(phenylazo) 495-54-5 N BASF Corporation Results of an acute toxicity study in zebra fish
8EHQ-0302-15102A (PDF) Ethylene oxide 75-21-8 Y American Chemistry Council Four translated reports of epidemiological studies conducted in Hungary
8EHQ-0302-15104A (PDF) Perfluoropropionyl fluoride 422-61-7 N 3M Company Final report of an acute inhalation toxicity study in mice
8EHQ-0302-15105A (PDF) Tributylamine 102-82-9 Y Celanese Chemicals Final report of an oral micronucleus test in mice and results of an acute oral gavage toxicity study in mice
8EHQ-0302-15106A (PDF) Isophorone 78-59-1 Y Dow Chemical Company Results of an oral gavage palatability/pharmacokinetic study in rats, preliminary to a 2-year carcinogenicity study
8EHQ-0302-00373AE (PDF) Fluorochemicals Multiple N 3M Company Six reports on the identification and analysis of fluorochemicals in human sera and two reports on cancer risk assessment
8EHQ-0302-00373AF (PDF) Ammonium perfluorooctanoate 3825-26-1 N 3M Company Results of an oral gavage two-generation reproductive toxicity study in rats
8EHQ-0302-13697B (PDF) Triazole derivative *2 Unknown N BASF Corporation Results of a life-cycle study in zebra fish
8EHQ-0302-14381D (PDF) Chemical Confidential N Confidential Material safety data sheet in response to EPA request for information on potential exposures and submitter’s risk management actions
8EHQ-0302-15032B (PDF) 1-Decane 124-18-5 Y Sasol North America Inc. Response to EPA request for information on chemical composition of test material
FYI-0302-01426A (PDF) Chemical Confidential N Confidential Final reports of skin sensitizations studies in humans and guinea pigs
FYI-0302-01427A (PDF) Octamethylcyclotetrasiloxa ne 556-67-2 Y Dow Corning Corporation Final report of a pharmacokinetics study in humans following inhalation exposure


8EHQ# - This is the EPA submission number that includes a 4-digit month and year followed by a 5-digit number assigned sequentially from the year 1977, followed by a sequence letter ( “A” for the initial submission and “B”, “C”, “D”, etc. for supplemental submissions) (8EHQ-MMYY-XXXXX A). Supplemental means that it is a follow-up to an earlier submitted report. Supplemental submissions reflect the month and year logged in but retain the same 5-digit sequential number as a link to the initial submission. 8EHQ number is a useful reference to request a copy of a submission.

FYI (For Your Information) submissions are the voluntary adjuncts of 8(e)s. The FYI# is similar to that for 8(e) described above (FYI-MMYY-XXXXX A). The submitter either judges that the information is not reportable under TSCA 8(e) reporting requirements or is not subject to TSCA 8(e) reporting but wants to share the information with EPA (and the public) on a voluntary basis.

NOTE that OPPT routinely sends follow-up requests to 8(e) submitters. Other EPA programs and other federal agencies can ask OPPT to request follow-up information as well.

CHEM Name - This is the name used by the submitter.

CAS No. - The Chemical Abstracts Service Number. Use of the term "CBI" indicates that the submitter is claiming the identity of the chemical to be confidential business information. This claim can be challenged in some cases, and users should notify EPA if they wish to pursue the chemical identity.

USHV - High production volume chemical in the U.S., including domestic manufacture and importation. EPA defines high production volume as annual production one million pounds or more pounds.

Description - A general description of the type of study or information submitted, but not study results. A PDF electronic copy of the submission is attached.

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