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Section 8(e) Substantial Risk Notifications and FYI Submissions Received January 2011

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8EHQ-0111-18221A (PDF) Triethanolamine 61790-65-6   Keller and Heckman LLP/Arizona Chemical Company LLC Acute Toxicity Report on Fish (Danio rerio) with Resin acids and rosin acids, compound with triethanolamine (CASRN 61790-65-6).
8EHQ-0111-18222A (PDF) 2-Propenoic acid, methyl ester 96-33-3   DuPont Results of a pre 1977 report  on a irritation and sensitization experiment on guinea pigs with 2-propenoic acid, methyl ester (CASRN 96-33-3).
8EHQ-0111-18223A (PDF) Poly(oxy-1 ,2-ethanediyl), alpha-
[(2Z)-3-carboxy-1-oxo-2-propen-1 -yl]-omega-hydroxy-, 09-1 1 -isoalkyl ethers, 0 10-rich
1224635-08-8   BASF Results of a Local Lymph Node Assay (LLNA) with Poly(oxy-1 ,2-ethanediyl), alpha-[(2Z)-3-carboxy-1 -oxo-2-propen-1 -yl]-omega-hydroxy-, 09-1 1 -isoalkyl ethers, 0 10-rich (CASRN 1224635-08-8).
8EHQ-0111-18224A (PDF) Confidential *2 CBI   Confidential Results of an acute toxicity study in rats
8EHQ-0111-18225A (PDF) Confidential Confidential   Confidential Results of an acute toxicity study in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)
8EHQ-0111-18226A (PDF) Substance A *2 Confidential   Confidential Results of a 14-day oral (gavage) repeated-dose study in female rats
Substance B *2 Confidential  
8EHQ-0111-18227A (PDF) Confidential *2 Confidential   Confidential Results of a one-generation dietary range-finding study and a subsequent two-generation dietary reproduction toxicity study in rats
8EHQ-0111-18228A (PDF) Confidential Confidential   Confidential Results of an acute toxicity study in rainbow trout.
8EHQ-0111-18229A (PDF) Substance 1 *2 Confidential   Confidential Results of an oral (gavage) prenatal developmental toxicity screening study in rats
Substance 5 *2 Confidential  
Substance 4 *2 Confidential  
Substance 2 *2 Confidential  
Substance 3 *2 Confidential  
8EHQ-0111-18230A (PDF) Bispheyl derivatives (Substances 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5). *2 Confidential   Confidential Results of Micronucleus Screening Tests in NMRI Mice with Five Bispheyl derivatives : Substance 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.
8EHQ-0111-18231A (PDF) Substance A *2 Confidential   Confidential Results of an acute toxicity screening tests in Daphnia (Daphnia magna)
Substance B *2 Confidential  
8EHQ-0111-18232A (PDF) Vanadium pentoxide (V2O5)  1314-62-1 N Vanadium Producer and Reclaimers Association Powerpoint slides on the findings from studies on bioavailability, physico-chemical properties, irritation and sensitization, mutagenicity, and acute toxicity.
Vanadium trioxide (V2O3)  1314-34-7 N
Ammonium polyvanadate (NH4V3O8)  12207-63-5 N
Sodium metavanadate (NaVO3)  13718-26-8 N
Vanadium (V)  7440-62-2 N
8EHQ-0111-18233A (PDF) Iron, isomerized tartarate sodium complexes  Not provided   Akzo Nobel Services Inc. Un-audited interim results of a 90-day/reproduction/development screening study in rats.
8EHQ-0111-18234A (PDF) Sodium thiocyanate *2 540-72-7 N Akzo Nobel Services Inc./T&E Results of eye irritation studies using isolated bovine cornea (BCOP)
Ammonium thiocyanate *3 1762-95-4 N    
8EHQ-0111-18235A (PDF) Confidential  Confidential   Confidential Results of a growth inhibition test on the freshwater aquatic plant Lemna gibba
8EHQ-0111-18236A (PDF) Confidential *2 Confidential   Confidential Results of an acute toxicity study in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)
8EHQ-0111-18237A (PDF) Substance A *2 Confidential   Confidential Results of a toxicity study on green alga (Pseudokirchneriella  subcapitata) with three substances (Substance A, B and C)
Substance B *2 Confidential  
Substance C *2 Confidential  
8EHQ-0111-18238A (PDF) Benzamide, substituted *2 Confidential   Syngenta Crop Protection, LLC Results of a 14-day dietary toxicity study in mice
8EHQ-0111-18239A (PDF) Benzamide, substituted *2 Confidential   Syngenta Crop Protection, LLC Results of a 28-day dietary toxicity study in mice
8EHQ-0111-18240A (PDF) Benzenesulfonamide, 4-methyl-N-[[[3-[[(4-methylphenyl)sulfonyl]oxy]phenyl] amino]carbonyl] (Pergafast 201)  232938-43-1 N BASF Corporation Results of an oral (gavage) reproduction/developmental toxicity screening test in rats.
8EHQ-0111-18241A (PDF) Silica alumino phosphate *1 Not provided   PQ Corporation Information from a draft report entitled "A 13-Week Inhalation Toxicity Study of Silica Alumino Phosphate in Sprague-Dawley Rats with a 9-Week Recovery Evaluation"
8EHQ-0111-18242A (PDF) 2-Norbornene (bicyclo(2.2.1)hept-2-ene)  498-66-8 N TOPAS Advanced Polymers, Inc. Final report of a combined oral (gavage) repeated-dose toxicity study in rats with a reproduction/developmental toxicity screening test.
8EHQ-0111-18243A (PDF) 4,4'-methylenedianiline (MDA)  101-77-9
Y American Chemistry Council Results from two reports on potential androgenic and antiandrogenic activity using the in vitro yeast androgen screening assay (YASA)
Formaldehyde, oligomeric reaction products with aniline (oligomeric MDA, PMDA)  25214-70-4 N
8EHQ-0111-18244A (PDF) Non-ionic surfactant based on alcohols, C10-C18, ethoxylated *3 85422-93-1 N BASF Corporation Results of an acute toxicity study in Daphnia magna
8EHQ-0111-18245A (PDF) 4-Amino 3-nitro phenyl ethylsulfone benzenamine, 4-(ethylsulfonyl)-2-nitro-  23306-60-7 N BASF Chemical Corporation Results of an oral repeated-dose range-finding study in rats.
8EHQ-0111-18246A (PDF) Lithium carbonate *3 554-13-2 N FMC Corporation, Lithium Division Results from a 28-day oral (gavage) range finding study in rats
8EHQ-0111-18247A (PDF) Confidential *2 None   Confidential Results of an in vivo mouse micronucleus assay.
8EHQ-0111-18248A (PDF) Confidential *2 None   Confidential Results of a preliminary oral teratology study in rats
8EHQ-0111-18249A (PDF) Confidential *2 None   Confidential Results from a preliminary micronucleus test in mice
8EHQ-0111-18250A (PDF) Confidential *2 None   Confidential Results of a micronucleus test in mice
8EHQ-0111-18251A (PDF) 1,3-Propanediol  504-63-2 N DuPont Haskell Global Centers for Health and Environmental Sciences Results of a pre-1977 oral approximate lethal dose (ALD) study in rats with two grades of test substance, refined (99.8%) and crude (70%).
8EHQ-0111-18252A (PDF) Benzene  71-43-2 Y Shell Product Regulatory Support Results of a draft report entitled "Pooled Analysis of Petroleum Worker Case-Control Studies"
8EHQ-0111-18253A (PDF) Mixture (Components A-F)  Not provided   Dow Chemical Company Results of an in vitro bacterial reverse mutation assay (AMES) in Salmonella and E. coli.
8EHQ-0111-18254A (PDF) Resorcinol *3 108-46-3 Y INDSPEC Chemical Corporation Results from an activated sludge respiration inhibition test.
8EHQ-0111-01796B (PDF) Surfactant mixture  Not provided   DuPont Legal Declassification of the test item composition and CAS No.'s originally claimed as CBI in the initial submission 8EHQ-1291-1796 (88920000441s).
8EHQ-0111-10109B (PDF) K0216.01 (mixture)  Not provided   Procter & Gamble Company Amendment of the Public Display Version of the August 24, 1992 submission 8EHQ-0892-10109A (88920008410s) disclosing the chemical identity and CASRN of the mixture component, ethanol, 2-butoxy- (CASRN 111-76-2).
8EHQ-0111-12319B (PDF) 1PLY5345 Epoxy primer *1 Not Provided   PPG Industries Inc. A report entitled "Eye Irritation to Rabbits from Exposure to IPLY5345 Epoxy Primer"
8EHQ-0111-13042B (PDF) Not provided  Not provided   3M Submitter approval to declassify information claimed as CBI in the TSCA 8(e) submission 8EHQ-0594-13042.  The subject of that submission was dermal irritation/corrosion data generated on two formulations of paint stripper.  The information originally clai
8EHQ-0111-17890C (PDF) 3,3,3-trifluoroprop-1-ene (Refrigerant 1243zf; R-1243zf; HFO 1243zf) 677-21-4 N Mexichem Fluor Inc. Final report of a  sub-acute (28-day) inhalation toxicity study in rats
FYI-0111-01677A (PDF)          
FYI-0111-01679A (PDF)          

(A) PMN; (B) Pesticide; (C) Pesticide Inert


8EHQ# - This is the EPA submission number that includes a 4-digit month and year followed by a 5-digit number assigned sequentially from the year 1977, followed by a sequence letter ( “A” for the initial submission and “B”, “C”, “D”, etc. for supplemental submissions) (8EHQ-MMYY-XXXXX A).
Supplemental means that it is a follow-up to an earlier submitted report. Supplemental submissions reflect the month and year logged in but retain the same 5-digit sequential number as a link to the initial submission. 8EHQ number is a useful reference to request a copy of a submission.FYI (For Your Information) submissions are the voluntary adjuncts of 8(e)s. The FYI# is similar to that for 8(e) described above (FYI-MMYY-XXXXX A). The submitter either judges that the information is not reportable under TSCA 8(e) reporting requirements or is not subject to TSCA 8(e) reporting but wants to share the information with EPA (and the public) on a voluntary basis.

NOTE that OPPT routinely sends follow-up requests to 8(e) submitters. Other EPA programs and other federal agencies can ask OPPT to request follow-up information as well.

CHEM Name - This is the name used by the submitter.

CAS No. - The Chemical Abstracts Service Number. Use of the term "CBI" indicates that the submitter is claiming the identity of the chemical to be confidential business information. This claim can be challenged in some cases, and users should notify EPA if they wish to pursue the chemical identity.

USHV - High production volume chemical in the U.S., including domestic manufacture and importation. EPA defines high production volume as annual production one million pounds or more pounds.

Description - A general description of the type of study or information submitted, but not study results. A PDF electronic copy of the submission is attached.

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