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EPA’s Evaluations

How EPA Evaluates TSCA 8(e) and FYI Submissions

EPA screens all TSCA Section 8(e) submissions, as well as voluntary "For Your Information" (FYI) submissions. The purpose of screening is to identify chemicals for further assessment or testing and to refer information of interest to other EPA program offices and others. The unpublished TSCA 8(e) and FYI data are used with other information sources for:

EPA encourages public access to all non-confidential TSCA 8(e) and FYI submissions to promote risk assessment and risk management of chemicals.

EPA Correspondance

In addition to acknowledgment letters from the Document Processing Center following receipt of all new 8(e) submissions, EPA routinely requests additional information from TSCA 8(e) and FYI submitters when submissions are incomplete or factual errors are suspected. EPA may also request information from submitters to help determine if further assessment is needed. Information most often requested includes chemical identity of test substance, chemical uses, commercial status of mixtures, exposure-related information, and voluntary risk management actions taken to reduce potential health and environmental risks.

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