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Recent Announcements

September 18-20, 2012 -- EPA presented webinars on the CDX registration process and the TSCA section 8(a), For Your Information (FYI), 8(d) and 8(e) reporting tools.

Download the 8(a) and FYI slides (78 pp., 5.14 mb.) and audio file.

Download the 8(d) and 8(e) slides (67 pp., 3.83 mb.) About PDF) and the audio file

November 28, 2011 -- EPA reported its progress reviewing and declassifying the identities of chemicals claimed as confidential under TSCA. This two-year effort is part of Administrator Lisa P. Jackson's commitment to increase public access to chemical information. The declassified and newly available information can be found under a new "declassified tab" using the Chemical Data Access Tool. Read more about transparency. Read the press release.

February 10, 2011 -- As a part of its continuing efforts to increase transparency and provide greater access to chemical information, EPA notified five companies February 10, 2011, that the identities of chemicals in health and safety studies submitted as confidential are not eligible for confidential treatment. Read the press release.

May 27, 2010 -- In another action to increase the public's access to chemical information, EPA plans to generally deny confidential claims for the identity of chemicals in health and safety studies filed under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), except in specified circumstances.

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