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The Voluntary Children's Chemical Evaluation Program (VCCEP) was called for by the 1998 Chemical Right to Know Initiative, the goal of which was to give citizens information on the effects of chemicals to enable them to make wise choices in the home and marketplace. Launched in December 2000, VCCEP is the portion of that initiative that deals with risks to children.

In implementing VCCEP, EPA asked companies that manufactured or imported one or more of 23 chemicals to which children have a high likelihood of exposure, to volunteer to provide information on health effects, exposure, risk, and data needs. Thirty-five companies and 10 consortia responded, volunteering to sponsor 20 of the 23 chemicals. VCCEP is being implemented first as a pilot -- the goal is to learn from this trial before a final VCCEP process is determined and before additional chemicals are selected.

This Web site provides links by chemical to the assessments prepared by the sponsors, opinions of the assessments from independent experts, and EPA's decisions as to whether additional data are needed to fully characterize a chemical's risk to children.

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