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VCCEP Status

Decabromodiphenyl ether (CAS No. 1163-19-5)

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Stage of VCCEP Process

 Completion Date
 (links to data/document)
Date of Tier 1 Commitment

 June 15, 2001 (PDF, 2 pp., 64K)
Expected Tier 1 Start Date

 December 15, 2001
Expected Submission Date of Tier 1 Peer Consultation Document

 Summer 2002 *
Actual Submission Date of Tier 1 Peer Consultation Document

 December 20, 2002
Date of Peer Consultation Meeting

 April 2-3, 2003 Exit EPA Disclaimer
Date of TERA's Report on Tier 1 Peer Consultation

 September 30, 2003 (PDF, 101 pp., 613K) Exit EPA Disclaimer
Date of EPA's Decision on Tier 2 Data Needs

 August 25, 2005 (PDF, 28 pp., 2.6MB)
Date of Tier 2 Commitment  December 20, 2005 (PDF, 1 pp., 120K)
Date of Sponsor's Questions on Tier 2 Data Needs May 3, 2006 (PDF, 8 pp., 1.8MB)
Date of EPA's Response to Sponsor on Tier 2 Data Needs August 28, 2006 (PDF, 5 pp., 282K)
Submission of Tier 2 Data Needs  February 29, 2008 (PDF, 131 pp., 3.64MB)
Termination from VCCEP  May 21, 2008 (PDF, 2 pp., 72KB)
BFRIP's Submission of Research Plan to Provide Tier 2/3 Data  July 17, 2008 (PDF, 5 pp., 125KB)
EPA's Request for ECA  September 5, 2008 (PDF, 3 pp., 115KB)
BFRIP to pursue an ECA  September 19, 2008 (PDF, 1 p., 315KB)

* Although "October 25, 2003" was the expected submission date specified in the sponsor's commitment letter, "Summer 2002" is the expected submission date provided by TERA at its sponsors meeting in Nashville, TN on March 20, 2002.

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