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33/50 Program: The Final Record

33/50 Program Releases and Transfers: Overview

For the 17 targeted chemicals, on-site releases and transfers off-site to treatment and disposal decreased from 1.496 billion pounds in 1988 to 672 million pounds in 1995 and further to 601 million pounds in 1996, as shown in Table 1. Over the five years that the 33/50 Program operated, releases and transfers of the 17 targeted chemicals reported to TRI decreased 47%. This is an average percent decrease per year of more than 9% for 1990-1995, compared to less than 8% per year for the two previous years (1988-1990) and nearly 11% for the year after (1995-1996).

33/50 Program chemicals outpaced all other TRI chemicals for reductions in releases and transfers in all three time periods shown in Table 1 and Figure 2. Before the program began, the percentage reduction in 33/50 chemicals (15%) was already somewhat greater than the reduction in other TRI chemicals (14%). During the years the program operated, however, facilities reported much greater percentage reductions in the targeted chemicals (47%) than for the others (25%). An even greater difference in percentage reductions appeared in the year since the program's close, as 33/50 chemicals dropped nearly 11% compared to almost no decrease in other TRI chemicals (a 0.04% reduction).

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