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33/50 Program: The Final Record

Releases and Transfers by Type

Air emissions accounted for the great majority of releases and transfers of 33/50 chemicals and the great majority of reductions, as illustrated in Figure 11. From 1988 to 1996, total air emissions of 33/50 chemicals declined from 1.114 billion pounds to 407 million pounds. Fugitive air emissions declined 53% during 1990-1995 and point source air emissions decreased 47%, as illustrated in Figure 12.

Surface water discharges and transfers to POTWs also decreased by substantial percentages during 1990-1995. However, in 1996, surface water discharges, on-site releases to land, and off-site transfers to treatment increased. (Totals presented in Table 4 also summarize the 33/50 data by release and transfer type.)

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