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33/50 Program: The Final Record

33/50 Program Chemicals in Waste

In contrast to the trend for TRI as a whole, facilities reported decreasing amounts of 33/50 chemicals in production-related waste since 1991. As shown in Table 7, production-related waste of 33/50 chemicals decreased nearly 2% from 1991 to 1995, while amounts reported for other TRI chemicals increased nearly 2%. As production-related waste of 33/50 chemicals decreased by more than 100 million pounds, production-related waste of other TRI chemicals grew by 224 million pounds. (Box 3 explains the production-related waste data added to TRI in 1991.)

This diverging trend continued in 1996, and facilities projected even greater disparity in their expectations for managing smaller amounts of 33/50 chemicals and larger amounts of other TRI chemicals in production-related waste in the near future, as shown in Table 7 and Figure 13.

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