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33/50 Program: The Final Record

Production-related Waste by Management Method

From 1991 to 1995, facilities cut their releases on- and off-site of 33/50 chemicals from 884 million pounds to 576 million pounds (see Table 11). This was the largest reduction (309 million pounds) among the waste management options comprised by production-related waste. Reducing releases also represents the most environmentally desirable option, as established in the waste management hierarchy (Box 4).

Combustion of 33/50 chemicals for energy recovery on- and off-site decreased by 114 million pounds over the 1991-to-1995 period. Although on-site recycling also decreased, this change was more than offset by a substantial increase in recycling off-site. Altogether, recycling of 33/50 chemicals increased by 65 million pounds from 1991 to 1995.

Facilities also reported larger amounts of treatment of the 33/50 chemicals, an increase of 257 million pounds. Except for recycling, these trends generally continued in 1996 and were expected to extend through 1998, as seen in Tables 8 through 12 (Table 8, Table 9, Table 10, Table 11, Table 12) .

Figure 16 illustrates these changes in absolute terms, and Figure 17 illustrates the percentage changes for 1991 through 1998 (projected).

The data suggest that facilities accomplished reductions in releases largely by increasing their use of treatment options and that they plan to continue this pattern. Although treating toxic chemicals in waste is preferable to releasing them to the environment, treatment offers less potential environmental benefit than recycling, energy recovery, or prevention.

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