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33/50 Program: The Final Record

Source Reduction Activity

TRI facilities also indicate whether, during the year, they engaged in source reduction activities focused on the chemical they are reporting. Source reduction activities reduce the amount of the chemical entering the waste stream (before any recycling, treatment, or disposal)-that is, source reduction reduces pollution by preventing it at the source. The 33/50 Program encouraged participants to apply pollution prevention approaches to reducing their releases and transfers of the targeted chemicals.

In 1991, the first year of the 33/50 Program, one-third (33%) of all TRI forms for 33/50 chemicals indicated that source reduction activities were underway, compared to less than one-quarter (22%) of forms reporting other TRI chemicals, as shown in Table 13. By 1995 (and again in 1996), both percentages had declined, but 33/50 chemicals continued to demonstrate a considerable lead over other TRI chemicals for reporting of source reduction activity. Figure 18 illustrates this trend.

Forms indicating source reduction activity directed at 33/50 chemicals reported 2.516 billion pounds of production-related waste in 1991-45% of all production-related waste of these chemicals, as shown in Table 14. For other TRI chemicals, forms indicating source reduction activity accounted for 4.248 billion pounds of production-related waste-33% of all production-related waste of these chemicals.

These amounts and percentages fluctuated through 1996, as illustrated in Figure 19, but in all years forms indicating source reduction activity were associated with a larger percentage of the production-related waste for 33/50 chemicals than for non-33/50 TRI chemicals.

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