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Box 3. Production-related Waste Data: A Larger View

Although the 33/50 Program measured only the original TRI release and transfer types, other TRI data collected in more recent years offers an expanded view of facilities' handling of the 33/50 chemicals. The federal Pollution Prevention Act of 1990 made mandatory the reporting of amounts of TRI chemicals: recycled on- or off-site combusted for energy recovery on- or off-site treated on- or off-site released on-site or sent off-site for disposal. Reporting of these data began with the 1991 reporting year. Taken together, these data are referred to as production-related waste. (Facilities report separately any releases arising from one-time events such as clean-up activities or accidents, referred to as non-production-related waste data.)

Each year, facilities report production-related waste data for the prior year and current year, along with projections for the next two years. This report uses the current year data from TRI forms submitted for each year from 1991 to 1996, along with the projected data for 1997 and 1998 from the 1996 reporting forms.

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