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How To Use the Company Manual Template

  • Adapt this template to your particular organization and its IEMS. The template contains a cover page, table of contents, and complete documentation for the fictional Smith Corporation's IEMS. Instructions (in italics) show organizations how to tailor each section to their specific requirements. Bracketed and italicized text is also used to refer readers to the related section in the IEMS Implementation Guide. You may add, eliminate, and/or modify the procedures and other manual elements to fit your individual organization's IEMS.

  • Adapt the procedures in this template to your organizations's IEMS. The IEMS procedures contained in this template represent the core set of procedures normally documented as part of an ISO 14001-compliant EMS. You may choose to include all of these procedures (regardless of whether your organization eventually will seek certification of their IEMS to ISO 14001), or add, remove, or modify procedures so that the documentation reflects your organization and its own IEMS.

  • Pick an appropriate level of detail for your organization. In general, the larger an organization is, the more detailed its procedures are, but this may vary according to each organization's culture and needs.

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