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Bulletin 1: Quick Facts

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Why Substitute Blanket Washes?

  • Older washes are high in VOCs
  • Older washes are unhealthy to breathe and harm the environment

What Makes Substitutes Different?

  • Less VOCs
  • No HAPs

How Might Substitutes Lower My Costs?

  • With training, may use less wash
  • Safer work environment may mean lower health costs
  • Lower compliance costs

Don't Give Up Too Soon

  • Do not let differences stop you
  • Get experience with new cleaning techniques
  • Determine for yourself what works best
  • With slight changes in wash, substitutes can perform as well as standard

Partners in the Design for the Environment Lithographic Printing Partnership:

  • Printing Industries of America
  • Graphic Arts Technical Foundation
  • The Environmental Conservation Board of the Graphic Communications Industry
  • The University of Tennessee
  • and individual printers and suppliers.

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