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What You Can Do To Compare Blanket Washes

 Girl with Safety Glasses

Follow the checklist below when testing different blanket washes:

Test Blanket Wash for a Set Amount of Time:

  • Discuss blanket wash tests with press operators
  • Set a trial period of one or two weeks with press operators
  • Record major observations during test period
Collect Information from:
  • Press Operators
  • Material Safety Data Sheets
    • Vapor pressure information from MSDS Section 3
    • Flash point information from MSDS Section 4
  • Blanket Wash Supplier
    • Percentage VOC content
    • Is blanket wash considered hazardous under environmental regulations or OSHA?
Complete Worksheet:
  • Enter each score in work-sheet column
  • Add scores for final result
Complete Evaluation:
  • Does the final result indicate potential improvement?
  • Are there other benefits or costs of the test wash that are not on the worksheet?
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