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Pollution Prevention: What You Can Do

Pollution prevention


  • Be aware of possible pollution prevention opportunities
  • Use teamwork in preventing pollution
  • Look for opportunities in all parts of parts of your process, including your fixed costs such as electricity

Conduct a process evaluation by:
  • Looking at each step of the printing process
  • Drawing a diagram of the ENTIRE process marking materials and waste
  • Eliminating costs associated with lost raw materials, collecting, tracking, and disposing of that waste
Practice chemical consolidation by:
  • Using multi-task chemicals
  • Eliminating duplication
  • Giving unused samples back to the vendors
Reduce waste ink by:
  • Mixing ink from base colors with the help of computer programs
  • Paying only for ink that is used
Don't forget to:
  • Review pollution prevention methods through workplace practices
  • Look for new opportunities

Partners in the Design for the Environment Lithographic Printing Partnership:

Printing Industries of America
Graphic Arts Technical Foundation
The Environmental Conservation Board of the Graphic Communications Industry
The University of Tennessee
and individual printers and suppliers.

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