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CTSA - Chapter 1: Introduction

Cleaner Technologies Substitutes Assessment (CTSA): Lithographic Blanket Washes
This chapter introduces the Design for the Environment (DfE) Cleaner Technologies Substitutes Assessment (CTSA) for the lithographic printing industry. Section 1.1 contains background materials on the project, partners involved in the project, and the methodologies and assumptions used to create this CTSA. Section 1.2 discusses general aspects of the lithographic printing industry, such as what types of products are printed, how they are printed, and how the printing presses are washed. Section 1.3 discusses both traditional blanket washes and alternative blanket washes, and includes details on prices of the washes. Section 1.4 reviews the blanket wash market. Lists of blanket wash manufacturers and typical blanket wash components are presented. Section 1.5 describes the automatic blanket washing technology. The potential performance, cost, environmental impacts, and health and safety issues associated with using an automatic blanket washer are described.

1.1 Project Background
1.1.1 Design for the Environment Lithographic Printing Partnership
1.1.2 Document Overview
1.1.3 DfE Lithographic Printing Partnership Methodology
1.2 Overview of Lithographic Printing
1.2.1 Products Printed
1.2.2 Printing Mechanism
1.2.3 Types of Lithography
1.2.4 Blanket Washing
1.3 Profile of the Blanket Wash Use Cluster
1.3.1 Traditional Blanket Washes
1.3.2 Alternative Blanket Washes
1.4 Market Profile
1.4.1 Blanket Wash Market
1.4.2 Blanket Wash Manufacturers
1.4.3 Blanket Wash Components
1.4.4 Market Conditions
1.5 Alternative Technology - Automatic Blanket Washers

Chapter 1 in its entirety. [107 K pdf file]

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