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Garment & Textile Care Partnership

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DfE's Garment and Textile Care Partnership was committed to promoting environmentally benign technologies for garment and textile care through a systems approach to the development, manufacture, distribution, and care of garments and textile products.

This program was developed by involving representatives from EPA and stakeholders from industry, labor, community action and environmental groups, trade associations, and research organizations. By joining EPA in its commitment to safer, cleaner technologies, professional cleaners can maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace. Like businesses, consumers also benefit from understanding how their everyday choices affect the environment. As people better understand how the product design and manufacturing process affects the environment, they will be able to make responsible decisions that benefit themselves, their families, and their communities.

Specific goals of the partnership were to:

  • Identify and inform industry about environmentally preferable cleaning technologies.
  • Encourage research and development of new technologies.
  • Facilitate technology evaluation and information sharing.
  • Educate professional cleaners and consumers about safer alternatives to traditional solvents.
  • Promote the adoption of cleaning processes that minimize exposure to chemicals.

EPA believed this approach would allow the DfE Garment and Textile Care Partnership to retain a leadership role in effecting fundamental change despite the many scientific, technological, and political uncertainties.

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