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Draft Cleaner Technologies Substitutes Assessment (CTSA): Screen Reclamation - Chapter 7

EPA 744R-94-005a
September 1994

Cost/Benefit, Energy & Trade Issues

International Trade Issues: According to Marci Kinter of SPTF, screen reclamation in other parts of the world does not vary greatly from screen reclamation in the United States. There is some evidence that the size of screen printing shops in Europe may be larger; there are expensive automatic screen washers produced and sold there which were apparently unable to find a market in the US. Otherwise, screen reclamation products are basically the same as those used here. In addition, there is much growth occurring in the Asia-Pacific market.

Many of the screen reclamation products used in the US are produced in Europe, including both traditional and alternative products.

Energy and Natural Resource Issues: Thus far, this CTSA has focused primarily on the trade-offs between risk, performance and cost of alternative screen reclamation chemicals and methods. When designing products or processes with the environment in mind, however, conservation of energy and natural resources (e.g., materials) should also be a goal. This section identifies the areas where energy and materials are consumed as a result of the screen reclamation process.

Chapter VII. Cost/Benefit, Energy & Trade Issues [67 k pdf file]

International Trade Issues

Energy and Natural Resource Issues

Screen Reclamation Processes
Collecting Data on Energy and Natural Resources Consumption
Energy Impacts
Materials Acquisition and Natural Resources Considerations

Cost/Benefit Analysis of Alternative Screen Reclamation Processes

Exposed Population
Human Health Benefits
Associated Costs
Costs and Benefits by Method
Potential Benefit of Reducing Hazardous Waste Disposal
Potential Benefit of Avoiding Illnesses Linked to Exposure to Chemicals Commonly Used in Screen Reclamation

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