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CTSA - Chapter 7 - Competitiveness

Cleaner Technologies Substitutes Assessment

This chapter presents module descriptions for the competitiveness component of a CTSA, including the following modules:

Each of these modules provides information on basic issues traditionally important to the competitiveness of a business: its need or ability to comply with environmental regulations; the performance characteristics of its products relative to industry standards; and the direct and indirect costs of manufacturing its products. A CTSA weighs these traditional competitiveness issues against a new generation of competitiveness issues: the health and environmental impacts of alternative products, processes, and technologies.

Data from all three of these modules are considered in the Social Benefits/Costs Assessment and Decision Information Summary modules along with risk data, conservation issues, and other information. In addition, the Regulatory Status and Performance Assessment modules transfer data to other modules of a CTSA. For example, the Regulatory Status module determines if control technologies are required for a particular alternative and transfers that information to the Control Technologies Assessment module.

The Performance Assessment module is one of the most important data gathering modules of a CTSA. A DfE project team typically conducts a performance demonstration project during this module where performance data are collected together with data on capital, operating, and maintenance costs; energy and other resource consumption rates; waste generation rates; and worker exposure (particularly for new or novel alternatives not evaluated in the Workplace Practices & Source Release Assessment module). These data are then transferred to the appropriate modules. For example, cost data from the Performance Assessment module can be used to perform a comparative cost analysis of alternatives in the Cost Analysis module.

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