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Download E-FAST

To run E-FAST, you will need to download and run the file efast2ins.exe at the link below:

E-FAST V2.0 installer (29 MB)
E-FAST V2.0 Documentation Manual (PDF file, 4.7 MB)
Selected references from the E-FAST V2.0 Documentation Manual (PDF files)

Download And Install Instructions For E-FAST

The E-FAST installation program has been compressed into a single self-extracting executable file (approximately 28.5 MB in size). To install E-FAST on your system, complete the following instructions:

1. Download the E-FAST self-extracting executable file (efastins.exe) to any directory of your choice.
2. Run efastins.exe and follow the user prompts throughout the setup process.
3. Unlike E-FAST V1.1, Version 2 includes the installer file for the Consumer Exposure Model (CEM) with the E-FAST V2.0 installer; there is no longer a separate installer file for CEM.

Notes for Windows Vista Users Vista has new levels of security which cause programs to require an administrator level to run. Because of this, E-FAST2 will not run if a user simply double-clicks the icon. However, if the user right-clicks on the program icon, and selects "run as administrator," the program runs normally. This is a simple work-around that can be done when using the model on an independent computer. The user also has the option (under properties) of setting up the program to always run as an administrator. This only needs to be set-up once. If the user is working on a PC that is part of a network, the network administrator would need to have the individual PCs set up so that this is possible. Because this is a common issue with Windows Vista, this issue should be anticipated by the administrator, and easily addressed.

Accessing Help Files

Once E-FAST2 is running, the help screens will not work in Windows Vista environment unless the user downloads the help screen patch, located at Microsoft's download center (search for Winhlp32.exe and Vista). The current page is:

http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/ Exit EPA disclaimer

A free download of this patch requires the user to have already purchased Windows Vista. Once this patch is installed, the E-FAST2 help screens operate properly.

Notes for Windows 7 Users In the Fall of 2010 it was brought to EPA’s attention that SCREEN3 does not work properly in a Windows 7 environment. The temporary fix (based on the Microsoft website) to allow older programs such as SCREEN3, and therefore EFAST2, to run in Windows 7 depends on whether the user has the Windows 7 Professional version or the Windows 7 home edition. For either version, the user needs to use/install XP Mode on their computer.

The following PDF file provides instructions on how to use/install XP Mode on a computer that uses Windows 7. This is a simple procedure for users of Windows 7 Professional (and Enterprise or Ultimate). However, while installing XP mode on a computer with a Windows 7 home edition can be done, the procedure is more complicated. The procedures for both download and installations are described in the following downloadable PDF file:

XP mode for Efast (PDF file, 549 KB)

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