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Note: EPA no longer updates this information, but it may be useful as a reference or resource.

Grant Programs

Pollution Prevention Grants Program CFDA 66.708

P2 Grant Program (PPIS) Grant Summaries

FY '09 RFP for the P2 Grant Program

Pollution Prevention Information Network (PPIN)

FY 09 RFP PPIN Grants

Source Reduction Assistance - CFDA 66.717

Source Reduction Assistance Grant Program

Fiscal Year 2009 Source Reduction Assistance Grant Summaries

FY 2006 results (PDF) (2 pp, 14.4K, About PDF)
FY 2007 results (PDF) (3 pp, 16.5K, About PDF)
FY 2008 results (PDF) (2 pp, 14.5, About PDF)

FY'09 RFP for Source Reduction Assistance Grant Program

Regional Pollution Prevention Information Network Centers

FY '09 RFP to Coordinate Regional P2 Information Network Centers

Internship Program

Internship Program 2004

P2 Grant Funding Statistics

P2 Grant Funding Statistics
Provides an overview of EPA funding for the P2 grant program since its inception in 1988. Includes an analysis of funding by organization type, sectors targeted, and activities conducted. Also includes a state-by-state overview of funding and activities conducted with links to grant descriptions.

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P2 Grant Publications

Pollution Prevention Incentives for States brochure (EPA 742-F-93-002)
Provides a general overview of pollution prevention and the PPIS grant program (now referred to as the P2 grants program).

Pollution Prevention Incentives for States guide (EPA 742-K-93-001)
Highlights grant recipients by describing some of their common activities and achievements in promoting P2 technical assistance and training.

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Grant Products

Pollution Prevention Incentives for States (PPIS) Assessment Study: Executive Summary
This executive summary describes how PPIS grantees used EPA funds to stimulate and enhance pollution prevention awareness and initiatives throughout the country.

PPIS Grant Program: Assessment Study (PDF) (100 pp, 1.5M, About PDF)
This report documents the full range of activities funded by the PPIS grant program during its first five years. The report also explains how states are using PPIS funding to support activities that promote pollution prevention and how states are combining regulatory and voluntary approaches towards pollution prevention.

P2 at POTWs
(EPA 742-F-94-001)
This brochure presents five case studies from EPA grants awarded to states to demonstrate how municipal Publicly Owned Treatment Works (POTW) can promote source reduction activities to industrial and business dischargers through pretreatment programs and facility operations.

Analysis of PPIS Grants
This analysis compiles all the PPIS grants per state. It lists who were the major grantees in the state, summarizes the total PPIS funding in the state and the activities conducted with the grants, and provides a synopsis of the major p2 activities managed by the state.

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Advisory Groups

Forum on State and Tribal Toxics Action Pollution Prevention Project
EPA created the Forum on State and Tribal Toxics Action (FOSTTA) in 1991 in an effort to improve communication with states and tribes. The forum expanded to include the FOSTTA Pollution Prevention (P2) Project in order to secure the counsel of senior state and tribal officials with an interest in and knowledge of pollution prevention issues and programs to help guide P2 activities in the EPA. Membership in FOSTTA is open to state and tribal environmental and health officials and is limited to two years, subject to renewal. The P2 Project participants serve as individual experts rather than as representatives of their respective state or tribe's positions on multi-media P2 issues. This group addresses pressing P2 and toxics related issues and improves communication and coordination among states, tribes and EPA. FOSTTA supports four projects revolving around lead, toxics release inventory, chemical management and pollution prevention issues, as well as two workgroups on tribal and community based environmental protection.

National Pollution Prevention and Toxics Advisory Committee
The National Pollution Prevention and Toxics Advisory Committee ("NPPTAC" or "Committee") is the national advisory body to provide advice, information and recommendations on the overall policy and operation of programs managed by the Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics (OPPT), in performing its duties and responsibilities under the Toxics Substances Control Act (TSCA) and the Pollution Prevention Act (PPA).

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