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Calendar 2004

November 2004

November 6 and 7, 2004
The Green Festival

San Francisco Concourse
8th & Brannan St
San Francisco, CA 94123
Much more than just inspirational speakers, the Green Festival program seeks to create a multi-dimensional experience for attendees including networking, green technology demonstrations and ways to meet people in your community.
Web site: http://www.greenfestivals.com/

November 7-10, 2004
GIN2004: Hong Kong - Partnerships for Sustainable Development. 12th International Network Conference.

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
Web site: www.greeningofindustry.org/events.html

November 7-12
The American Institute of Chemical Engineers Annual Meeting

Austin Convention Center
Austin, Texas
The conference will include 13 topical conferences and over 540 sessions, covering everything from advances in fundamentals, to the newest developments in emerging technologies including bioengineering, nanotechnology, sustainability and more. More than 4,000 engineers and scientists are expected to attend.
Web site: www.aiche.org/conferences/annual/index.htm

October 2004

Saturday, October 2, 2004
The 2004 Green Buildings Open House

Throughout the Northeast, homes and other buildings are taking advantage of clean renewable energy and other green building technologies. On Saturday, October 2 from 10am to 4pm, hundreds of these sites will open their doors to the public for the Green Buildings Open House, featuring the National Solar Tour.
Web site: www.nesea.org/buildings/openhouse/

October 11-14, 2004
The SoL Forum: Leadership, Learning, and Collaboration for a Living Economy

Dearborn, Michigan
E-mail: sustainabilityforum@tglassociates.com/
Telephone: (617) 964-2221
Web Site: www.solonline.org/events/SustainabilityForum/

Tuesday, October 12th and
Wednesday, October 13th, 2004Gideon Putnam Hotel and Conference Center
The E4 will feature programs and businesses engaged in green building, energy efficiency, clean energy, alternative fuels, and high performance schools. This event will leverage the business community''s awareness of energy and environmental challenges to help them act in their own interests and, in so doing, improve their operating economics and New York's economic and environmental climate in the process.
Web site: http://www.eba-nys.org/Events/2004/e4/e4.htm

October 13-15, 2004
WRPPN Annual P2 Conference
Shelter Pointe Hotel and Marina
San Diego, California
Environmental professionals from the local, state, federal, and tribal programs in California, Arizona, Nevada, and Hawaii, and others interested in learning more about P2 and initiatives in Region 9. Other attendees should include academics, not-for-profit organizations, SBDCs, MEPs, SBAPs, small business owners, private industry, consultants and concerned citizens.
Web site: www.westp2net.org/Conf04/index.cfm

October 20-23, 2004
Sunbuilt Builder's Show
Building Solutions Conference

Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center- Dallas, Texas
Web site: www.westp2net.org/Conf04/index.cfm

September 2004

September 8-10, 2004
Denver, Colorado

Region 8 Pollution Prevention Roundtable
Web site: http://peakstoprairies.org/network/roundtable/

September 12-15, 2004
Self-Sustaining Solutions for Streams, Wetlands, and Watersheds
Radisson Riverfront Hotel
St.  Paul, Minnesota
For conference and exhibit information contact:
Barbara Sowden
Director, ASAE Meetings and Conferences
2950 Niles Road
St. Joseph, Michigan 49085
Phone: (269) 428-6327
Fax: (269) 429-3852
E-mail: sowden@asae.org
Web site: www.asae.org/meetings/streams2004/Index.html

September 18 and 19
The Green Festival

Washington D.C. Convention Center
801 Mount Vernon Place, NW
Washington, DC 20001
The Green Festival is a two-day, high-energy party that taps into the vitality of the booming new green economy. Co-sponsered by Global Exchange and Co-op America, the event brings together leading thinkers of the green movement, hundreds of green businesses, and thousands of atendees who together demonstrate that not only is another world possible, another world is happening.
Web site: http://www.greenfestivals.com/

Week of September 23-24, 2004
GLRPPR 2004 Conference - P2 Week in Columbus, Ohio
The GLRPPR 2004 will be held in Columbus, Ohio some time during the week of September 20th. This date is special since this is National P2 Week! Be sure to mark you calendars and get your travel requests in NOW!
Web site: www.glrppr.org/meetings/

September 20 - 26, 2004
National Pollution Prevention Week

National Pollution Prevention Week is traditionally celebrated nationally the third week of September, from Monday to the following Sunday. It is a time when businesses, environmental groups and citizens can join forces for a common cause. By sharing information about pollution prevention (P2), businesses can become more competitive, business and government can realize cost savings, and environmental quality can be enhanced.
Web site: www.p2.org/p2week/index.cfm

September 20, 2004
7th Annual Pollution Prevention Conference and Trade Show
P2 is Green in More Ways Than One
Horizon Convention Center, Muncie, IN
Contact: Bobbie Steiff at (317) 233-6662 or send an e-mail to rsteiff@dem.state.in.us
Web site: http://www.in.gov/idem/oppta/p2/partners/conference/

September 21, 2004
New Hampshire Pollution Prevention Conference
University of New Hampshire
Web site: http://www.learn.unh.edu/pollution/

September 29-October 1, 2004
The 2004 South Carolina Environmental Symposium
Francis Marion Hotel
Charleston, South Carolina
Web site: http://www.scsymposium.com

September 29-October 1, 2004
The 2004 South Carolina Environmental Symposium
Francis Marion Hotel
Charleston, South Carolina
Web site: http://www.scsymposium.com

September 30 - October 2
Pre-conferences Sept. 27-29
Post-conferences Oct. 3-5
Sustainable Resources Conference 2004

Boulder, Colorado
An International Forum Connecting People with
Hands-on Solutions to World Poverty
Web site: www.sustainableresources.org/

August 2004

August 4-6, 2004
The Eighth Annual Statewide Pollution Prevention Conference
provides an opportunity for you to network with environmental professionals and exchange case histories, ideas, success stories and technologies related to pollution prevention.
Gainesville, Florida
Web site: http://www.treeo.ufl.edu/p2/conference/ 

August 8-11, 2004
The Eighth Annual Statewide Pollution Prevention Conference
provides an opportunity for you to network with environmental professionals and exchange case histories, ideas, success stories and technologies related to pollution prevention.
Rochester, N.Y.
Web site: http://www.energy2004.ee.doe.gov/ 

August 14-15, 2004
CleanMed 2004

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Contact: Peter Diamond, Environmental Health Fund
Telephone: 617-524-6018
E-mail: pdiamond@cleanmed.org
Web site: http://www.cleanmed.org/2004/ 

August 22-27, 2004
2004 ACEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings
Asilomar Conference Center
Pacific Grove, California
Web site: http://www.aceee.org/conf/04ss/04ssindex.htm 

August 29-September 1, 2004
NRC's 23rd Annual Congress & Expo

San Francisco, CA
Web site: http://www.nrc-recycle.org/congress/index.htm 

July 2004

July 20-23
Engineering Green Buildings

The first-ever national conference on green buildings for engineers - Marriott Key Center

Web site: http://www.hpac.com/products/egb.htm 

Saturday, July 10, 2004
9 am to 5:30 pm
Sustainability Fair 2004:
Sustainable Choices

Rotary Park, beautiful downtown Livingston, Montana
Contacts: 406.222.0730 info@northrock.org
Web site: http://www.northrock.org/fair.html 

June 2004

June 2 - 5, 2004
(Small Business Ombudsman / Small Business Assistance Programs)
National Conference
Sacramento, California
Web site: http://www.sacberc.org/2004SBO-SBAPconference.html 

June 3, 2004
Tomorrow's Technology for Today's Engines Retrofit Conference
Washington, DC
Web site: http://www.cleanfleetsusa.net/index.html  

June 6, 2004
Watersheds: Growth, Land Use and Opportunity
Valparaiso, Indiana
Contact Ron Scott at 859-244 - 8031 or send an email to rscott@csg.orgPDF brochure: http://www.nalms.org/news/watershed_brochure.pdf  

June 9-11, 2004
The Business and Sustainability Conference
Building Leadership and Commitment for Sustainable Development

New York, New York

Web site: http://www.conference-board.org/conferences/conference.cfm?id=682

June 13, 2004
AWWA Annual Conference and Exposition

Orlando, Florida
Web Site: http://www.awwa.org/ace2004/

June 18, 2004
Renewable Energy and Sustainable Living Fair

Custer, Wisconsin
Web Site: http://www.the-mrea.org/energy_fair.php

June 21, 2004
34th Annual BioCycle National Conference: Composting, Organics Recycling & Renewable Energy

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Web Site: http://www.jgpress.com/conferences1/conferences1.html

June 22, 2004
AWMA's 97th Annual Conference & Exhibition: Sustainable Development: Gearing Up for the Challenge

Indianapolis, Indiana
Web Site: http://www.awma.org/ACE2004/Courses/default.htm

June 22, 2004
Managing Environmental Information Forum 2004

Boston, Massachusetts
The second annual Managing Environmental Information Forum will be held in Boston, MA, June 22-24, 2004. Hosted by Governing Magazine and the Environmental Compliance Consortium, the Forum is designed to help officials from all levels of government use environmental data and new technologies to improve compliance and achieve better environmental results.

Contact The Conference Department at 781-729-8611 or send an email to ConfDepart@aol.com or visit http://www.governing.com/conf/mtech4me.htm

June 28-30, 2004
MSWG 7th Annual Learning Together Workshop
Charleston, West Virginia

Web site: http://www.mswg.org/

June 28, 2004
The 8th Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference "The Business Imperative for Sustainability
Washington, DC

Contact M.C. Gandy at 800 227 5558 x 2138 or (202), Fax 202 776 8299 or send an e-mail to greenchem2004@acs.org or visit http://www.chemistry.org/portal/a/c/s/1/acsdisplay.html?DOC=greenchemistryinstitute\conference\greenchem2004.html

May 2004

May 1-2, 2004
Living Green Expo
Minnesota State Fair Grounds
Telephone: 612-331-1099
Web site: http://www.livinggreenexpo.org/ 

May 20, 2004
Metal Finishing Supply Chain Forum

Woburn, Massachusetts
Contact: Todd Macfadden, Toxics Use Reduction Institute (TURI)
Telephone: 978-934-3391
E-mail: todd_macfadden@uml.edu
Web site: http://www.turi.org/calendar/calendar.php?op=cat&id=1 

April 2004

April 28-29, 2004
8th Canadian Pollution Prevention Roundtable

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Contact: Sue McKinlay, Canadian Centre for Pollution Prevention
Telephone: 1-800-667-9790 in North America; or 519-337-3425
E-mail: sue@c2p2online.com
Web site: http://www.c2p2online.com/main.php3?session=&section=98&doc_id=65 

April 19-22, 2004
National Environmental Assistance Summit: One Environment, One Conference

Baltimore, Maryland
Contact: National Pollution Prevention Roundtable
Telephone: 202-277-9701
E-mail: summit2004@p2.org
Web site: http://www.p2.org/summit2004/index.cfm 

April 14+15, 2004
The CERES 2004 Annual Conference

Boston, Massachusetts
Contact: Tanja Carroll
E-mail: carroll@ceres.org
Web site: http://www.ceres.org/conference/2004/2004_program.htm 

March 2004

March 1-3, 2004
POWER-GEN Renewable Energy 2004

Las Vegas, Nevada
Contact: PennWell Corporation
Telephone: 918-831-9160, or toll-free: 1-888-299-8016
E-mail: pgre@pennwell.com
Web site: http://pgre04.events.pennnet.com/ 

March 16-19, 2004
9th Annual Joint Services Environmental Management Conference
Formerly P2&HWM Conference
"Sustaining the Force: Optimizing Readiness Through the Prevention of Pollution"
Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center
San Antonio, Texas
Web site: http://www.p2-hwmconference.com/ 

March 17-20, 2004
Greenprints 2004: Sustainable Communities by Design

Atlanta, Georgia
Contact: Aziza Cooper, Southface Energy Institute
Telephone: 404-872-3549
E-mail: aziza@southface.org
Web site: http://www.southface.org/home/g2k3/g2k3index.html 

March 22-23, 2004
Third Annual GreenTrading™ Summit:
Emissions, Renewables & Negawatts

McGraw-Hill Conference Center at Rockefeller Center
1221 Avenue of the Americas (between 48th and 49th Streets)
New York City, U.S.A
Telephone: (888) 324-1099
Web sites: http://www.greentradingsummit.com/ 

March 31-April 2, 2004
GLOBE 2004 International Trade Fair & Conference

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Contact: Kerri Fearnehough
Telephone: 604-775-8031
E-mail: kerri.fearnehough@globe.ca
Web site: http://www.globe.ca/index.cfm?section=globeseries 

February 2004

February 18-19, 2004
Wind Energy and Rural Development in North Dakota

Fargo, North Dakota
Contact: Dee Kraft, Energy & Environmental Research Center
Telephone: 701-777-5068
E-mail: windenergy@windenergycouncil.org
Web site: http://www.undeerc.org/WindV/ 

January 2004

January 5-8, 2004
Sustainable Range Management Conference

New Orleans, Louisiana
Contact: Brenda George, Batelle
Telephone: 614-424-5210
E-mail: rangecon@batelle.org
Web site: http://www.battelle.org/environment/er/conferences/range/ 
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