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Funding Opportunities

A large part of EPA's mission to protect the environment and public health is accomplished by awarding grants and cooperative agreements. EPA provides numerous grants for those with new technologies and ideas to further develop and implement their work. It is EPA's policy to promote competition in the award of assistance agreements to the maximum extent practicable. Depending on the assistance program you are applying for, you will need to obtain an application kit from the appropriate Grants or Program Office that will administer the assistance program. Below are several useful links with general information on federal grants and water-related grant opportunities. You should contact the appropriate office identified in the solicitation.

EPA-ORD-NRMRL-CI-12-03 Announcement

EPA-ORD-NRMRL-CI-12-03 Full Text Announcement

RFP EPA-ORD-NRMRL-CI-12-03 EPA’s Official Responses to Questions (03/18/2013)



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