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EPA’s Official Responses to Questions


Question 1:  The recent RFP on the Research Training Program (EPA-ORD-NRMRL-CI-12-03) establishes a maximum budget of $300K/yr for 3 yr and it suggests that the program would oversee 10-20+ student researchers per year. However, it is not clear whether any of the $300K is to actually support the students (stipend, per diem, etc.) or instead whether it is entirely meant for management of the program.  Please clarify.

EPA’s Official Response:  Applicants should propose a training program that includes all costs it determines are necessary to meet the objectives of the RFP.  Student stipends and perdiem are allowable expenses under the training RFP if they are considered necessary by the applicant to carry out the RFP’s objectives.

Question 2:  Are international students eligible to be participants in this program?

EPA’s Official Response:   Students shall be U.S. Citizens or Permanent Residences



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