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Air Research

Monitoring Methods and Measurements

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Air quality managers and researchers use monitoring methods to measure air pollutants that support a variety of air quality management and science objectives. Monitoring methods and measurements are needed to characterize emissions from a variety of sources, outside (ambient) air quality, and human and ecosystem exposures. The measurements are used to plan and implement air quality regulations and policies to protect air quality.

Research is focused on developing Federal Reference Methods (FRM) to support compliance monitoring for national ambient air quality standards (NAAQS) and to develop and evaluate emerging technologies such as satellites and sensor technologies that could be used to enhance air quality monitoring and measurement capabilities and/or reduce monitoring costs.


Improving Air Quality Monitoring with Satellites
Indoor Air Quality
Combustion/Emissions Control
Source/Emissions Characterization
Source Apportionment and Exposure Assessment
PM Sources
Atmospheric Science
Tracing Pollutants to Their Source
Mobile Air Monitoring Detects Air Pollution
Black Carbon Measurement Research
Geospatial Measurements of Air Pollution (GMAP)
Clean Cookstove Research

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