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Bioremediation in the Field Search System (BFSS)

The BFSS database is available as a downloadable .exe file (943k)


BFSS is a PC-based software product that provides access to a database of information on waste sites in the United States and Canada where bioremediation is being tested or implemented, or has been completed. BFSS allows users to search the database electronically, view data on specific types of bioremediation sites, and print reports of selected information.

BFSS currently provides electronic access to information on over 450 bioremediation sites nationwide and internationally. The database spans both full-scale remediation efforts and treatability and feasibility studies. Data for each site include:

Comments may be forwarded to:

Fran Kremer
United States Environmental Protection Agency
National Risk Management Research Laboratory
Phone: (513) 569-7346
FAX: (513) 569-7585
email: <kremer.fran@epamail.epa.gov>


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