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Health Research

EPA research is helping communities and policymakers develop and implement policies and practices to improve public health, especially for vulnerable groups such as children, the elderly and the socioeconomically disadvantaged.

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Children's Centers C(ommunity)-FERST Durham Sustainability Pilot EnviroAtlas Health Impact Assessments T(ribal)-FERST
Children's Environmental Health

Research is underway to explore how children's environments affect their overall health and well-being.

Children's Centers
Asthma Research
Virtual Embryo Project
Understanding Exposures in Children's Environments
Endocrine Disruptors Research

Learn more about children's environmental health...

Environmental Justice and Health

Researchers are studying issues related to environmental justice and developing the necessary tools to ensure a healthy environment for all.

Environment, Health, and Society
EPA's Plan EJ2014
Community Cumulative Assessment Tool (CCAT)
Tribal-Focused Environmental Risk and Sustainability Tool
Community-Focused Exposure and Risk Screening Tool

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Human Health Risk Assessment

EPA is conducting research to determine the risk of environmental hazards to human health and the ecosystem.

Human Health Risk Assessment
Integrated Risk Information System (IRIS)
HERO Database
NextGen Risk Assessment

Other Health Topics

Health effects research is an integral part of many of the research topics.

Health and Air Quality
Health and Climate Change
Health and Chemical Safety
Health and Water
Chemical Exposure & Cumulative Risk
Chemical and Microbial Risk

Hormone Disrupting Chemicals

EPA research improves the understanding of potential risks to human health and wildlife from chemicals that could disrupt the endocrine (hormone) system.

Using rapid, automated technology to assess chemicals for endocrine disruption
Pharmaceuticals products and endocrine disruption

Learn more about hormone disrupting chemicals

Grants and Funding for Health Research

EPA is providing grants and funding to the nation's leading researchers to improve the scientific basis for decisions on health and environmental issues.

Children's Centers
Tribal Environmental Health Research
Environment, Health and Society Research
Endocrine Disruptors Research

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Methods, Models, Tools, and Databases

EPA is collecting and linking available information and data in a user-friendly application that is available to communities and decision-makers.

EPA Health Research Methods, Models, Tools,and Databases

Learn more about models, databases, and tools...

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