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MBE/WBE Certification

Under EPA's DBE Program it is required that MBEs and WBEs be certified in order for their utilization to count toward an EPA financial assistance recipient's accomplishments under the program.

Who is responsible for certifying MBE and WBE firms?

EPA OSBP Headquarters is responsible for implementing and processing the certification of MBE/WBE firms. Regional DBE coordinators will assist by providing forms to interested firms and fielding general questions.

Does EPA accept other certifications?

Yes. Under the new DBE Program entities can no longer self-certify. EPA will accept certifications from:

If an entity holds one of these certifications, it is considered acceptable for establishing MBE or WBE status under EPA's DBE Program, and application for EPA certification is not needed.

What are the EPA MBE/WBE certification requirements?

Please click the DBE Rule, Forms & Fact Sheets tab above for all certification forms and a fact sheet with more information.

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