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By going green, your business or college saves money by using fewer resources, minimizes waste, and reducing regulatory liabilities. In addition, many organizations find that going green attracts interests, new customers and opens up markets for their products or services.  Almost all can agree that a greener organization is a safer and more attractive place to work.

What does it mean for your organization to go green?

  • Use energy efficient products and renewable energy sources
  • Conserve water and use water efficient products
  • Ensure there is enhanced indoor environmental quality
  • Ensure the use of recycled/recyclable or reusable components and content
  • Reduce waste
  • Ensure all new development is sustainable, use Smart Growth methods
  • Construct or retrofit buildings to be High Performance Buildings

The resources below may help your college or small business in demystifying the process in going green.




Promoting Green

Environmental Management

Green Building and Infrastructure


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