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Green Careers Curriculum Manual

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is proud to present the Green Careers Curriculum Manual, a project of EPA's Minority and Academic Institutions (MAI) Initiative in collaboration with Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). Green careers offer excellent earning potential and provide employees with opportunities to genuinely "change the world" for the best, helping not only the environment but also communities impacted by environmental challenges.

This manual is intended to serve as a springboard for HBCUs looking to move students into green careers by assisting HBCU faculty in developing green career tracks to complement their existing environmental science and engineering courses and curricula.

The Manual is organized into five main chapters, each focusing on a particular green careers sector. Each chapter provides a sector overview; information on related careers and skill sets needed; examples of service learning opportunities; and a list of potential courses. Summary sheets for each potential course are also included.

Curriculum manual materials were developed through online research and conversations with EPA officials, professors, and business/non-profit representatives that specialize in the five sectors. Our hope is that this manual reaches HBCU schools, faculty and students excited to create new green career courses and concentrations that will ultimately benefit the students, the environment and our communities.

The five sectors that are the focus of the Green Careers Manual include:


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