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Office of Strategic Environmental Management

Compliance Assistance

Note: EPA no longer updates this information, but it may be useful as a reference or resource.

Below is a listing of EPA's innovative national programs related to compliance assistance.

  • Compliance Assistance Centers - Providing information on compliance issues, EPA has partnered with industry, academic institutions, environmental groups and other federal and state agencies to establish "virtual" (telecommunications-based) national compliance assistance centers for nine specific industry sectors. These sectors are heavily populated with small businesses and entities that face substantial federal regulation.

  • Compliance Assistance Clearinghouse - Helps the regulated community understand and meet their environmental obligations by providing Statute-specific, sector-oriented, and government sector assistance. Specifically, this website provides quick access to compliance assistance tools, contacts, and information about planned activities from US EPA, its partners and other compliance assistance providers.

  • Compliance Assurance Program - Streamlined Emission Compliance Regulations ("CAP 2000") reduces burden on auto manufacturers to certify that their new vehicles comply with emissions standards.

  • Compliance Incentives for Small Business - This Policy is intended to promote environmental compliance among small businesses by providing incentives for voluntary discovery, prompt disclosure, and prompt correction of violations.

  • Compliance Incentives for Small Communities - The Small Communities Policy offers states and small communities opportunities to use compliance assistance and priority setting to address community environmental violations.

  • Incentives for Auditing, Disclosure and Correction - To enhance protection of human health and the environment by encouraging regulated entities to voluntarily discover, promptly disclose and expeditiously correct violations of Federal environmental requirements.

  • Sector Facility Indexing Project - Brings together environmental and other information from a number of data systems to produce facility-level profiles for five industry sectors (petroleum refining, iron and steel production, primary nonferrous metal refining and smelting, pulp manufacturing, and automobile assembly).

  • Sector Notebooks - Comprehensive guides to environmental issues related to specific industries.

  • Small Business Ombudsman - External gateway for small businesses to contact EPA and an internal advocate for small business interests within the Agency.

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