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Office of Strategic Environmental Management

Pesticides and Toxics

Note: EPA no longer updates this information, but it may be useful as a reference or resource.

Below is a listing of EPA's innovative national programs relating to disseminating information about chemicals to the public.

  • Consumer Labeling Initiative - Improving health and safety warnings on household product labels, specifically home and garden pesticides and household hard surface cleaners.

  • Design for the Environment - Facilitates the identification, adoption and innovation of clean products, processes, technologies, and management systems.

  • Green Chemistry - Promotes the environmentally benign design of chemical products and processes.

  • Green Engineering - Promotes the design, commercialization, and use of processes and products that are technically and economically feasible while minimizing pollution at the source and risk to human health and the environment.

  • High Production Volume Testing Program for Chemicals - Partnering with chemical producers and importers to voluntarily provide basic toxicity information on their high production volume (HPV) chemicals, those which are produced in or imported to the U.S. in amounts over 1 million pounds per year.

  • Pesticide Environmental Stewardship - A voluntary program that forms partnerships with pesticide users to reduce the health and environmental risks associated with pesticide use and implement pollution prevention strategies.

  • Sustainable Futures - Encourages pollution prevention and the development of safer chemicals by bringing the benefits of risk screening methodologies to new product development.

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