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Office of Strategic Environmental Management

Environmental Management Systems (EMS) in Permitting and Regulatory Programs

Note: EPA no longer updates this information, but it may be useful as a reference or resource.

EPA is exploring the potential connection between environmental management systems (EMS) and environmental permitting and regulation. In 2004, EPA issued a formal strategy for studying this potential connection and determining whether considering EMS in permitting and regulatory programs can improve environmental results, reduce regulatory burdens, or bring about other benefits.

This Web site provides information and resources related to the use of EMS in permitting and regulatory programs for regulatory agencies, regulated entities, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and other interested stakeholders.

The information contained here is only a small part of EPA's activities to promote EMS and implement them in our own facilities. For general information on EMS and EPA's EMS activities, visit EPA's EMS Web site.

Why EMS in Permitting and Regulatory Programs? — A history of events and interest in EMS has led to EPA's current exploration of the use of EMS in the regulatory structure.

EPA's Strategy for Determining the Role of EMS in Regulatory Programs — How EPA will determine how EMS can be used in permitting and regulatory programs.

Initiatives Under Way — Some states have begun exploring the role of EMS in regulatory programs, and other parties show increasing interest. Read here about initiatives that use EMS in permits and rules.

International Resources — Organizations across the world are interested in how EMS can be used in the regulatory structure.

EMS Project and Program Evaluation Tools — Providing tools for evaluating outcomes and performance of initiatives that incorporate EMS into permits and rules.

Case Studies, Publications and Other Resources — In-depth information and resources related to the use of EMS in permitting and regulatory programs.

EMS in Permitting | Why Permitting EMS? | EMS Strategy | Initiatives | International Resources | Evaluation Tools | Resources

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