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Initiatives Under Way

Note: EPA no longer updates this information, but it may be useful as a reference or resource.

Some states are already linking rule development and permitting to EMS, and other parties continue to express interest in exploring the potential link. A variety of initiatives that incorporate EMS into the permitting process or regulatory structure are already under way. Some initiatives that deal specifically with EMS in permitting and regulatory programs include the following.

State-led Initiatives

  • Minnesota IBM EMS Permit
    The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) issued an experimental EMS permit to IBM-Rochester. The permit contains facility-wide caps that offer operational flexibility, and reduces record keeping and reporting requirements as long as IBM employs an EMS and emissions remain below specified limits.
  • Minnesota Synthetic Minor Air Rule with EMS Provisions
    A Minnesota synthetic minor air rule provides alternative synthetic minor air permit conditions that offer lower amendment application, reporting, and recordkeeping costs as long as EMS use, third-party EMS auditing, and compliance are maintained.
  • Oregon Green Permits Program
    The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality ran a program that offered facilities flexible permit conditions and permit streamlining in exchange for increasing levels of environmental commitment, including the use of an EMS. The program no longer issues permits but can provide important information on the use of EMS in permitting.
  • North Carolina - Smithfield NPDES Permit
    The North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources issued a NPDES permit to Smithfield Food, Inc., that offers production flexibility to Smithfield's Tar Heel hog slaughterhouse as long as Smithfield uses an EMS, encourages its suppliers to implement an EMS, and remains compliant with the terms of the permit.
    • News Release: Smithfield Packing Reissued Wastewater Permit for its Tar Heel Hog Slaughterhouse
    • Smithfield Packing Company, Inc. NPDES Permit
  • South Carolina EMS Pilot
    The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control received a State Innovation Grant from EPA to implement a project that will address, alter, or consolidate permit requirements through EMS.
  • Texas Innovative Permit Initiative
    The Texas Natural Resources Conservation Commission received a State Innovation Grant from EPA to develop an innovative permitting initiative that will promote EMS and set enforcement priorities on the basis of risk and performance.
  • Wisconsin Environmental Cooperation Pilot Program
    The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Environmental Cooperation Pilot Program allows regulatory flexibility to environmentally responsible companies with EMS.
  • Wisconsin State Innovation Grant Project
    The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources received a State Innovation Grant from EPA for a project to improve environmental results and increase regulatory flexibility in air permitting for the printing sector using EMS and an Environmental Results Program (ERP).

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