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Office of Strategic Environmental Management

EMS Project and Program Evaluation Tools

Note: EPA no longer updates this information, but it may be useful as a reference or resource.

EPA promotes and conducts program evaluations to determine whether innovations deliver environmental results that surpass the traditional way of doing business and to identify lessons that can be applied broadly. EPA's National Center for Environmental Innovation (NCEI) developed a series of analysis "modules" to help assess successes, obstacles, and lessons learned throughout the life cycle of an EMS project.

The analysis modules are designed to help EMS project managers:

  • determine if an EMS project is achieving its intended outcomes,
  • find out if an EMS project provides greater process efficiencies or superior environmental performance compared to standard practice, and
  • identify ways to improve an EMS project.

What are the analysis modules?

The EMS analysis modules are a series of evaluative questions that provide a framework to evaluate, understand, and share information on EMS projects. The module questions are designed to encourage critical thinking and assessment of environmental data, successes, obstacles, and lessons learned in order to help the user improve the EMS project.

Who should use the modules?

Project managers, designers, and staff participating in EMS projects should use the modules to focus their thinking about the project, assess how well the project is working, and assist in project management and development.

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