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Office of Strategic Environmental Management


This page provides links to publications related to NCEI's work. Additional publications about innovations managed in other parts of EPA can be found via the Directory of Innovative Initiatives page and clicking on specific topics.

Innovation at EPA

Historic Reports


Progress Reports

Integrated Permitting

An In-Depth Look at the United Kingdom Integrated Permitting System: Exploring Global Environmental Protection Perspectives

Environmental Results Program (ERP)

ERP States Produce Results - 2007 Report. States' Experience Implementing the Environmental Results Program.

State Innovation Grants

State Innovation Grant 2008 Progress Report

Environmental Management Systems (EMS) - Policies, tools, and case studies related to EMS use and development.

  • EPA's Position on EMS - EPA supports and promotes the development and use of EMSs, including those based on the ISO 14001 standard (the international standard for EMSs), that help an organization achieve its environmental obligations and broaden environmental performance goals.
  • Innovations in Environmental Management, March 2000 (PDF, 16 pp, 4.7 MB) - Helping companies cut costs and improve performance. (EPA100-R-00-019)

Evaluation - Evaluation tools and publications intended to help in designing, focusing and conducting an evaluation.

Innovative Piloting

National Environmental Performance Track - Several publications to inform the general public and potential members on how the program operates and promotes environmental excellence.

Public Involvement - Additional public involvement manuals and tools for planning and conducting effective public involvement activities.

Sectors - Industry sector-based programs publications.

Small Businesses - Publications for small business.

Smart Growth - Additional Smart Growth program fact sheets, reports, articles and grant products.

EPA Partnership Programs

  • Achievement Through Partnership: A Progress Report Through 2000 (PDF, 30 pp, 1 MB) - A booklet describing the cumulative successes of EPA's Partnership Programs, as of December 2000. Through Partners for the Environment, participants go beyond what is required by environmental regulations to score real environmental results and improve business performance. (EPA240R-02-001)

  • Boosting Your Bottom Line - Exactly what can a company expect from becoming a Partner for the Environment? Along with improving environmental performance, an opportunity to gain cost savings, public recognition, and technical assistance.

  • Compliance Screening for EPA Partnership Programs (PDF, 23 pp, 117 KB) - Explains the purpose and uses of compliance screens, identifies specific circumstances in which screening is expected, and helps program managers determine whether they need compliance screens in other situations.

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