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Superfund and Technology Liaisons

Name Address Telephone No. Expertise

US EPA Region 1
5 Post Office Square, Suite 100
OSRR - Superfund (OSRR07-4)
Boston, MA 02109-3912

Diana Cutt

US EPA Region 2
290 Broadway, 18th Floor
New York, NY 10007-1866


(212) 637-4311 Hydrogeology, site characterization and remediation technologies, optimization, fractured rock investigations / remediation
William Hagel

US EPA Region 3
1650 Arch Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103-2029


(215) 814-3053 Emergency response, removal actions, NCP, remedial process, ARARs
Felicia Barnett

US EPA Region 4
61 Forsyth Street
Atlanta, GA 30303-8960


(404) 562-8659 Pesticides, brownfields, metals, dioxin/PCBs, phytoremediation
Charles Maurice

US EPA Region 5
77 West Jackson Blvd
Chicago, IL 60604-3507


(312) 886-6635 Risk assessment, phytoremediation, ecotoxicology
Terry Burton

US EPA Region 6
1445 Ross Avenue
Dallas, TX 75202-2733


(214) 665-7139 Fate and transport, chemical remediation, waste systems - microscale phenomena, emergency response
Robert Weber

US EPA Region 7
901 North 5th Street
Kansas City, KS 66101


(913) 551-7918 Geology, mining, rare earth elements, Superfund removal and remedial actions, emergency response and the Incident Command System (ICS), research and technical support

U.S. EPA Region 8
1595 Wynkoop St
Denver, CO 80202-1129

Michael Gill

US EPA Region 9
75 Hawthorne Street
San Francisco, CA 94105-3901


(415) 972-3054 Oxygenates, removal site evaluation / decision support tools / technologies / optimization, perchlorate, nanotechnology
Kira Lynch

US EPA Region 10
1200 Sixth Avenue, Suite 900
Seattle, WA 98101


(206) 553-2144 DNAPL site characterization and remediation, adaptive site management / Triad, bioremediation, in-situ thermal treatment, risk communication
Maggie LaVay

Office of Research and Development
Office of Science Policy
1200 Pennsylvania Avenue NW (8104R)
Washington, DC 20460


(202) 564-5264 Regional Science Program Coordinator

OSP oversees the STL program and, through its Regional Team and Science Policy Council, the Regional Science Liaison Program. STLs work with the Regional Science Liaisons on cross-program issues with the Regional Science Councils. These combined OSP programs strengthen scientific and technical cooperation between ORD, the regions, and State and local governments.

STL Personnel Timeline (PDF, 1pp., 92KB, about PDF)

STL Timeline

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